Appendix B - Interviewee Biographies

Elm, Roger A farmer, pilot, and broadcast engineer, Roger Elm worked at WEBC during World War II, 1941-43. Elm was deferred from service because he his farm work. He performed engineering duties at WSBR and KDAL AM/TV before concluding his career as manager of religious station, WWJC, where a son is now manager. Roger Elm is retired.

Gordon, David Dave Gordon was hired by "Dr" Don Rose in 1965 and was WEBC music director and program director during his stay. Dave was a popular morning man in the market. He worked in the WEBC Building before the 1967 fire, ran his show from the Parkland transmitter building for the interim, and finished in the 9th Street studios in 1972. He completed a bachelor's degree while working at WEBC, took a pay cut to become a school teacher, and currently teaches German at Denfeld High School in Duluth.

Gottschald, Richard Dick Gottschald joined WEBC on a part-time basis in early 1958 and, after leaving the Air Force in the fall, was a full-time newsman and news director until 1966. He then was news director of WDIO-TV in Duluth. Dick has also been a radio talk show host and is currently on a disability.

Henton, Earl Earl Henton began in radio in the early '40s in southern Minnesota, joining WEBC in 1943. Earl held such assorted jobs as host of a children's show and station manager. Best known as a news broadcaster, Earl Henton's 10:00 p.m. news was a local standby. He joined WFTV in 1953 and then moved to KDAL-TV in '54. Earl is retired at age 84 as this is written.

Kero, Paul An Ely, MN native, Paul Kero has been in radio since before his service in Vietnam at Armed Forces Radio. In Saigon in the '60s, Paul roomed with the legendary Adrian Kronauer of Good Morning Vietnam. As this is written, he is the head of continuity and is chief operator at WEBC. Kero has been with WEBC since 1989 and oversaw installation of both digital automation systems used at WEBC, Audisk and Scott.

Latto, Lew Lew Latto began in radio in 1954, at the age of 14, on WKLK in Cloquet MN. Latto was a Top 40 announcer first at WDSM and then he moved to WEBC in 1959. Lew left WEBC in 1960 but remained in the market. He challenged WEBC with WAKX 1964 and then again in 1974. At one time he owned six Minnesota stations. As this is written, Lew Latto is a talk show host on... WEBC!

Meys, Wilfred A broadcast engineer for over 30 years, Bill Meys was with WEBC regularly for a year and a half in the early '60s but was used for fill-ins on a nearly full-time basis until transmitters engineers were no longer required by the FCC. He is still practicing his craft.

Persons, Charles A radio amateur, Charlie Persons was only 17 when he started at WEBC in 1926. Burned out after 28 years, he bought a radio station in Ely, MN near the Canadian Border and moved there. He also owned a cable system and stations in Brainerd MN. Charlie is retired, having sold his radio station in Ely to retired newscaster Charles Kuralt. He is 87.

Smith, Mary The daughter of Walter C. Bridges, Mary Bridges Smith has kept up with developments at the station her father began. She is disappointed that, though she donated many of her father's papers to an organization called Broadcast Pioneers, the group seems unable to locate most of them. Mary Bridges Smith splits her time between Florida and northern Wisconsin.

Walter, David Dave Walter has been a broadcaster in small markets in the Upper Midwest for most of his life. He joined WEBC in 1989 and has been Program Director throughout the talk radio era of the '90s.

Williams, Carl Carl Williams was a broadcast engineer for most of his working life, primarily at WDSM AM/TV. His contacts in the local engineering community were vital to the project. Carl is retired.