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Twin Cities Class D/LPFM Stations

Transmitter locationFreq.CallCommunity of LicenseERPProgramming or OwnerStatus
Albertville92.1K221ESAlbertville250WAir 1On air
Bloomington91.5K218DKBloomington216WKJLYOn air
Falcon Heights100.7W264BRFalcon Heights10WRadio KOn air
Lakeville97.9KEFE-LPLakevilleRios de Agua Viva Church of Godconstruction permit
Maple Grove96.7NEW LPFMMaple Grove40WMG Community Brd. (Christian)construction permit
Maple Grove97.7K249EDAlbertville170WAir 1On air, construction permit to move to Oak Grove
Minneapolis (Wells Fargo)90.7K214DFGolden Valley99WKTIS/900On air
Minneapolis (W)91.9K220JPMinneapolis13WClassical MPROn air
Minneapolis (Wells Fargo)92.9W225APSt. Paul99WAir-1On air
Minneapolis (IDS)93.3W227BFShoreview99W"Alt 93.3" KQQL-HD2On air
Minneapolis97.9NEW LPFMMinneapolisAfrican Community Senior Servicesconstruction permit
Minneapolis98.9NEW LPFMMinneapolisPillsbury United Communitiesconstruction permit
Minneapolis (Wells Fargo)99.9K260BACoon Rapids250WK-LoveOn air
Minneapolis101.7KALY-LPMinneapolisSomali American Communityconstruction permit
Minneapolis (IDS)102.5K273BHFridley41WAir 1
Minneapolis (IDS)103.5K278BPCottage Grove175WKTLK (KFXN-FM-HD2)On air
Minneapolis (U of M)104.5K283BGMinneapolis99WRadio KOn air
Minneapolis (SW)106.5KUOM-FMSt. Louis Park8WRadio KShares time with KDXL
Minneapolis (SW)106.5KDXLSt. Louis Park8WSLP HighShares with KUOM-FM
New Market Twp.106.5K293BAElko196WKJLYOn air
Plymouth106.7NEW LPFMPlymouthProvidence Academyconstruction permit
St. Louis Park97.5KUOL-LPSt. Louis ParkPark Public Radiotesting
St. Paul91.7WMCNSt. Paul8WMacalester Coll.On air
St. Paul92.1W221BSWaite55WAir 1On air, construction permit to move to North St. Paul
St. Paul94.1NEW LPFMSt. PaulCenter for Hmong Arts & Talentconstruction permit
St. Paul94.1WFNU-LPSt. PaulFrogtown Neighborhood Associationconstruction permit
St. Paul94.9NEW LPFMSt. PaulVictoria Theater Projectconstruction permit
St. Paul97.9KQEP-LPSt. PaulNew Culture Center in the Midwestconstruction permit
St. Paul98.1NEW LPFMSt. PaulEnlace Adventistaconstruction permit
West St. Paul96.7K244EQHudson, WI71WKQQL-HD3On air, application to move to IDS
West St. Paul106.7K294AMWest St. Paul170WKFAIOn air