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Northwestern Ontario TV Stations

Last updated December 20, 2014

A indicates a low-power, translator, or class A TV station which may continue transmitting in analog until a date to be determined in the future
D indicates a digital station

RF, PSIP: RF is the actual channel number on which the station is transmitting; digital stations are usually remapped to a virtual channel number shown in the PSIP column

ON indicates a facility which is on the air; usually, it is a licensed facility, but may also be a construction permit which is on the air under program test authority, or a special temporary authority
CP almost always indicates a construction permit; in cases of a station is operating under a special temporary authority, the licensed facility is shown as a CP
APP is an application for a construction permit
SIL is a station that is licensed but was silent (not transmitting) at the most recent report

*NET* indicates programming is scrambled

Armstrong 8 A CKAR Global CHFD-DT

Cat Lake 11 A CH4263 CBC

Deer Lake 12 A CH4113 CBC

Kenora 13 A CJBN-TV Global CKND-DT 177W
Shaw Communications
Nakina 2 A CH4350 FOX WJBK 9W

Nakina 4 A CH4351 NBC WDIV 9W

Nakina 6 A CH4352 ABC WXYZ 9W

North Spirit Lake 13 A CH4116 CBC

Sachigo 4 A CH4240 CBC

Sault Ste. Marie 2 A CHBX-TV CTV MCTV 100kW 183 Bell GlobeMedia
Sault Ste. Marie 12 A CIII-TV-12 Global CIII-DT 1.8kW 135 CanWest Global
Sault Ste. Marie 38 A CHCH-TV-5 Ind. CHCH-DT 5kW 113 CanWest Global
Summer Beaver 7 A CH4032 CBC

Thunder Bay 2 D CKPR-DT 2.2 CTV
1.2kW 366 Thunder Bay Electronics
Thunder Bay 4 D CHFD-DT 4.4 Global
1.2kW 366 Thunder Bay Electronics
Thunder Bay 9 D CICO-TV-9 9.1 TVO CICA-DT 4.5kW 238 ON Educ. Comm. Authority
Wawa 7 A CHBX-TV-1 CTV MCTV 66.4kW 164 Bell GlobeMedia

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