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Manitoba TV Stations

Last updated November 14, 2015

A indicates an analog station
D indicates a digital station

RF, PSIP: RF is the actual channel number on which the station is transmitting; digital stations are usually remapped to a virtual channel number shown in the PSIP column

ON indicates a facility which is on the air; usually, it is a licensed facility, but may also be a construction permit which is on the air under program test authority, or a special temporary authority
CP almost always indicates a construction permit; in cases of a station is operating under a special temporary authority, the licensed facility is shown as a CP
APP is an application for a construction permit
SIL is a station that is licensed but was silent (not transmitting) at the most recent report

Brandon 4 A CTV CKYB-TV CKY-DT ON 54.7kW 406.9 Bell Media
Dauphin 12 A CTV CKYD-TV CKY-DT ON 55kW 353.9 Bell Media
Fisher Branch 8 A CTV CKYA-TV CKY-DT ON 21kW 136.9 Bell Media
Flin Flon 13 A CTV CKYF-TV CKY-DT ON 1.04kW 60.0 Bell Media
Mccreary 13 A CTV CKYB-TV-1 CKY-DT ON 140W
Bell Media
Minnedosa 9 D 2.1 Global CKND-DT-2 CKND-DT ON 30.5kW 396.2 CanWest Global Media
Neepawa 30 A Community CH5248
ON 1.38kW
Neepawa Access Community TV
Portage La Prairie 13 D 13.1 City CHMI-DT
ON 8.3kW 324.3 Rogers Communications
Snow Lake 11 A CTV CKYS-TV CKY-DT ON 19W
Bell Media
Spruce Sands 14 A PBS CH3073 WTVS ??? 14W
Arnes TV Broadcasting Ltd.
Spruce Sands 17 A TSN CH3074
??? 14W
Arnes TV Broadcasting Ltd.
Spruce Sands 20 A CBC North CH3075
??? 14W
Arnes TV Broadcasting Ltd.
Spruce Sands 23 A Global CH3076 CITV ??? 14W
Arnes TV Broadcasting Ltd.
Spruce Sands 26 A FOX CH3077 WJBK ??? 14W
Arnes TV Broadcasting Ltd.
Spruce Sands 29 A CTV CH3078 CKY-DT ??? 14W
Arnes TV Broadcasting Ltd.
The Pas 12 A CTV CKYP-TV CKY-DT ON 1.07kW 52.6 Bell Media
Thompson 9 A CTV CKYT-TV CKY-DT ON 2.185kW 43.3 Bell Media
Winnipeg 7 D 7.1 CTV CKY-DT
ON 24kW 284.2 Bell Media
Winnipeg 27 D 6.1 CBC CBWT-DT
ON 42kW 307.8 Canadian Broadcasting Corp.
Winnipeg 35 D 35.1 Joytv CIIT-DT
ON 6kW 249.70 S-VOX
Winnipeg 40 D 9.1 Global CKND-DT
ON 25.1kW 276.5 CanWest Global Media
Winnipeg 51 D 3.1 SRC CBWFT-DT
ON 7.6kW 307.9 Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

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