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1970 Twin Cities FM Dial Guide

This is an FM Dial Guide that came with a large console stereo that I bought at a church rummage sale in Osseo for $10. The third station is "92.5 KQRS" and didn't come through since it was printed in orange on the card.

89.3 WCAL still plays Classical music.

91.1 is KNOW with a News/Talk format. KSJN is at 99.5.

92.5 KQRS is now mostly Classic Rock, playing a lot of the songs it played in 1970!

93.7 has gone through several formats and call letter changes since 1970 and is now Hard Rock as 93X (KXXR).

94.5 KSTP-FM now plays just "Pop," or, more accurately, Hot Adult Contemporary.

97.1 is KTCZ "Cities 97" with an Adult Rock format.

99.5 is noncommerical Classical today as KSJN, but was Top 40 as WLOL throughout the `80s.

101.3 is KDWB, playing Contemporary Hits. KDWB was around in 1970, but at 630 AM.

102.1 KEEY plays Country music as "K102".

102.9 is WLTE (still co-owned with WCCO) playing Light Adult Contemporary music (it probably would have been called "Background Music" in 1970).

104.1, like 93.7, has gone through several formats and call letters since 1970. 104.1 is currently WXPT, "Mix 104," with an `80s Hits format.

107.9 is KQQL "Kool 108" playing Oldies.

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