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Radio&TV Events-November 1996

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11/25/1996: Dan Smith, owner of WIMN/Stillwater has petitioned the FCC for a call letter change to WEZU. Approval was scheduled to come through about 12/2. Hmmm...could the "EZ" stand for something? Or maybe they're tired of being confused with WMIN.

11/25/1996: Duluth radio personality Tim Michaels is now working the morning shift at KXTP/970. He most recently worked at KUSZ/107.7, but was more well known at WAVC/105.1 (now KKCB). KXTP continues to use a satellite feed for the rest of the day.

11/25/1996: KQDS/1490 (Duluth) is back on the air after a 4 1/2 month silence. The station is once again rebroadcasting KQDS-FM with low modulation.

11/25/1996: Twin Cities radio stations KQRS-FM, KEGE-FM, KDWB, and KMJZ can now be heard live over the internet using StreamWorks software.

11/25/1996: WNCB/89.3 (Duluth)'s Minneapolis translator station at 96.3 went off the air on November 15. The silencing of the translator is required because KARP/96.1 in Glencoe will be upgrading its signal and moving to 96.3. WNCB has asked the FCC to move back to 97.7 and is raising funds to buy a fully licensed radio station in Minneapolis-St. Paul. Perhaps an easier or temporary solution would be to increase the power of their 91.9 translator in Bloomington. Meanwhile, WNCB's owners (North Central Christian Broadcasting) have messed up several times in finding "open" frequencies for their translators. The latest was an application for a translator on 91.1 in Litchfield, clearly very short spaced with KNOW/91.1 Minneapolis-St. Paul.

11/15/1996: ABC Radio has brought Radio Disney to the Twin Cities via KQRS/1440 (Golden Valley), which has changed call letters to KDIZ. The format debuted Monday, November 18, and will directly compete with WWTC/1280, the flagship station of the "Radio Aahs" network. I have three reactions to this:

11/13/1996: Cargill, Inc, the owner of KLBB/WLOL and KREV/WREV-FM in the greater Twin Cities area will purchase KCFE/105.7 in Eden Prairie. KCFE is currently broadcasting the Modern Rock "Rev 105" format of KREV/WREV-FM. The addition of 105.7 gives Rev something it hasn't had thus far: a decent signal into the downtown area and the northwestern suburbs. No word as to what will permanently happen with 105.1/105.3/105.7, but I would suspect that if Cargill had any realistic plans, they would dump 105.3 because its signal is received only weakly and only in the northern part of the metro, which will now also be served by 105.7. Another alternative would be to rearrange the coverage areas of the various signals, now that Cargill controls that part of the band in the Twin Cities area (but with severe limitations from stations in Owatonna, Stewartville, St. Peter, Albany, Red Wing, and Balsam Lake).

11/13/1996: KLDJ/101.7 (Duluth), known as "Kool 101.7," has received objections from animal rights groups concerning its plan to drop live turkeys from a helicopter to a Miller Hill Mall parking lot (ala "WKRP in Cincinnati") on Saturday, November 16. The station is offering to pay to have turkeys dressed if anybody catches them. If the station goes through with its orignal plan, it will also be breaking a law that requires a special permit to fly live animals, and another law prohibiting contests in which chickens or turkeys are released so that they can be caught. (Information compiled from a Duluth News-Tribune article.)

11/4/1996: The FCC with the accompaniment of US Marshals has seized the transmitting equipment of "Beat Radio", an unlicensed station that had been broadcasting a Dance/Urban format on 97.7 since July to the Minneapolis area. A very interesting "discussion" of Beat Radio, low-power broadcasting, and current FCC regulations is going on at under the subject "FCC silences Beat Radio Minneapolis."

11/1/1996: The sale of KQDS AM-FM/1490-94.9 (Duluth) to Fant Broadcasting has been approved by the FCC. Fant purchased the stations so it could locate the antenna of its KNLD/21 on KQDS' tower, which Fant plans to increase the height of.

11/1/1996: Phillips Broadcasting, which owns WBIZ AM-FM/WMEQ AM-FM/WECL/WQRB in the Eau Claire market, has purchased the Construction Permit for a new station on 106.7 in Chetek.


11/18/1996: Media Properties have applied to build a TV station on Channel 26 in Bemidji.

11/1/1996: KVBM/45 Minneapolis and KXLT/47 (Rochester) may be co-programmed in the near future. KVBM has applied to transfer control of KVBM from "Daniel Peters" to "Daniel Peters and Dale W. Lang," and KXLT has applied to transfer control of KXLT from "Dale W. Lang" to "Dale W. Lang and Daniel Peters." Lang and Peters have worked together in the past, cooperatively operating KXLI/41 (St. Cloud-Minneapolis) and KVBM together. (KXLI has been sold to Paxson Communications, but satellite station KXLT has not).