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News Archive - July 1997

7/29/1997: Two days ago I said here that K292EZ/106.3 (Duluth) is violating the terms of a translator license because it does not receive KZIO's signal off-air. It turns out that this is not true. K292EZ is a "fillin translator," because it is within KZIO's 1.0 mV/m contour. Fillin translators do not have to receive the originating stations off the air, and they can remain on the air when the originating station goes off the air temporarily. Also found out: a commerical broadcaster is only allowed to own fillin translators for its own station. Any translators for commercial stations that are located outside of the 1.0 mV/m contour cannot be owned by the same owner as the originating stations. Non-commercial broadcasters, however, can build translators wherever they want and use any means neccessary to deliver the signal to the translators. Back to K292EZ: I've yet to hear an ID from this translator, and I've listened several times between 12:55 and 1:05 p.m., a standard time for translator ID's, and I haven't heard any morse code ID's. (Originally written 7/27/1997)

7/29/1997: WCCO-TV/4 (Minneapolis-St. Paul) inaugrated a new news set yesterday. St. Paul Pioneer Press Broadcast Columnist Brian Lambert has criticized the set for including images of Minneapolis only.

7/29/1997: From All Access: Tom Stryker has left Z93 (WIZM-FM La Crosse). He did afternoons there.

7/27/1997: KLCX/107.7 (St. Charles-Rochester) is slated to sign on with a Classic Rock format in September.

7/27/1997: The official sign-on date for KNLD/21 (Duluth) has been pushed back to "late winter or early spring." KNLD continues to broadcast the Shop at Home network for about 20 hours a week to keep its license.

7/24/1997: The Spring 1997 Twin Cities Arbitrons are out, but because I'm uncertain of the legality of posting them here, I won't. I will say that Howard Stern is finding an audience, X105 didn't perform much better than Rev 105 did, and most stations were down in the ratings.

7/24/1997: KASM-FM/105.5 (Albany) changed from Oldies to Country as KDDG in early spring. The "DG" probably stands for "Dog."

7/20/1997: Former Rev 105 morning host Brian Oake is now the morning host at The Edge (KEGE/93.7 Minneapolis).

7/20/1997: Former Rev 105-er Shawn Stewart is the new Assistant Music Director at WXPN Philadelphia. She'll also help out with WXPN's syndicated program, The World Cafe. (Originally written 7/16/1997)

7/20/1997: Kiss 92.1 (WWAX Hermantown-Duluth) has added Will Smith's "Men In Black" to its playlist. This song is quite far from their Modern/AC format. What's up, Kiss? (I should note that a very important word was omitted in the piece about Kiss' "Party Out of Bounds" which I posted on July 13: "Saturday." The show is only on Saturday nights.)

7/20/1997: From All Access: Lightning took down the tower at KCPI/94.9 (Albert Lea). Word is the station is up on the air with a temporary antenna.

7/20/1997: WDSE/8 (Duluth, PBS) is now providing Twin Ports cable TV subsribers with a PBS program feed after Channel 8 signs off. This feed reaches approximately one quarter of the households in the market. The move leaves KDLH/3 (Duluth, CBS) as the only station in the market not providing programming on cable when it is off the air.

7/16/1997: Former KSTP/1500 (St. Paul) talk show host Barbara Carlson will challenge incumbent Minneapolis mayor Sharon Sayles Belton in the next election. Carlson served on the Minneapolis City Council in the 1980's. Meanwhile, former KSTP morning host Jesse "The Body" Ventura is considering a run for governor. "The Body" was the mayor of suburban Brooklyn Park until a few years ago, and, if it's not obvious already, was a professional wrestler.

7/16/1997: Changes at Leighton's St. Cloud stations: John Ramsey is upped from PD of KCLD to OM of KCLD, KNSI, and KZPK...Steve Hunter (KCLD afternoon DJ) becomes the KCLD PD...and Cheryl West (KCLD middays) becomes the KCLD MD. (All Access)

7/16/1997: By the end of the week, Shockley's six Duluth stations should have all moved into their new facility on Central Entrance (they haven't all moved yet, which is what I mistakenly said here earlier). KDAL AM and FM are moving from rented space at KDLH/3's building. WDSM, KXTP, KTCO, and KRBR are moved from "the blue shoebox on East Superior Street." KDAL is the only station yet to move in to the new studios. The new facility uses Scott Systems, replacing the antiquated equipment in the old facilities. (Originally written 7/8/97)

7/13/1997: Andy Savage, morning DJ at The Edge (KEGE/93.7 Minneapolis), was fired after his show last Friday.

7/13/1997: Primary WCCO-TV/4 (Minneapolis) meteorologist Rebecca Kolls has chosen not to renew her contract so she can concentrate on her syndicated series Rebecca's Garden, which begins its second season this fall. Her contract with WCCO expires in October.

7/13/1997: KCLD/104.7 (St. Cloud) has fired morning team Rich Ward and Julie K.

7/13/1997: The Dance and Urban components of the Top 40 are being heard a little more in the Duluth-Superior market nowadays. Kiss 92.1 (WWAX Hermantown) added "Party Out of Bounds" sponsored by The Tap Room from 9 to Midnight Saturdays several weeks ago. However, almost all of the songs played during the show that are not part of Kiss' regular format are at least several years old. Kiss is the only station in town to include Dance songs in its regular format, although current Dance songs are played only a few times a day and are somewhat dated ("Ooh Aah Just A Little Bit" is considered "new"). Outside of "Party Out Of Bounds," no Urban songs are played on any commercial radio station. KUWS/91.3 (Superior) continues to air Urban music on "The Network" (Monday nights) and also airs Contemporary Hits not given significant airplay in the market on the Dance program "The Beat" (Friday nights).

7/5/1997: WTBX/93.9 (Hibbing) has ended up with an Adult Contemporary format after being in a state of transition for a few years.

7/5/1997: KZIO/104.3 (Two Harbors-Duluth) turned on its translator at 106.3 in Duluth last week. Rumor has it that KZIO's owners, who also own WWAX/92.1, intend to get another frequency allocated to the Twin Ports area so they can apply for it.