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June 1998

6/30/1998: St. Cloud's "Wild Country 98.9" (KZPK Paynesville) has a new morning team. "Jack and Jill" (Jack Kelly and Jill St. John) are on from 6-10 a.m. Ron Linder, who used to do mornings on Wild Country, has been moved to Leighton's newest station, Lite 99.9 (KCML St. Joseph), and is now heard in the mornings there. Both stations use satellite feeds for most of their schedule. (Bulletin Board)

6/30/1998: Duluth News-Tribune: KBJR finds new home

6/30/1998: Star Tribune: Matt Baylow is leaving WCCO-TV

6/26/1998: Hans Evans has left KQDS/94.9 (Duluth), where he was Program Director and morning co-host, for the evening shift at Z-Rock 107-7 (KUSZ). (All Access, Message Board)

6/26/1998: Jack Tripper has signed with KDWB to do overnights (2-5 a.m.) (All Access)

6/26/1998: Minnesota-Iowa Christian Broadcasters have filed a competing application for 88.3 New Ulm. The American Family Association has also applied for the frequency. MN-IA Christian Broadcasters operates KJLY/104.5 Blue Earth, and, through other organizations, KJYL/100.7 (Eagle Grove, IA) and nine translators, including one in New Ulm. AFR's website lists 59 stations and translators, none of them in Minnesota or Western Wisconsin. They've applied for many more, including one in Wentworth, WI (south of Superior). The New Ulm station wouldn't be much more powerful than a translator: MN-IA's application was for 400W, and AFA's was for 500W. (FCC)

6/26/1998: Robert Obie is selling KRWB/1410 (Roseau) to the owners of KNDK AM-FM (Langdon, ND). Obie also has a construction permit for KRWB-FM/103.5, but it is unclear whether it is included in the deal. (FCC)

6/24/1998: KKJM/92.9 (St. Joseph-St. Cloud) will become "Spirit 93" on Monday, July 6, picking up Morningstar's Christian AC format. The network was previously affiliated with KCFB/91.5. (Bulletin Board)

6/24/1998: Wisconsin Public Radio's Ideas Network accidentally rebroadcast a station in Michigan for about 10 minutes on Tuesday afternoon, June 23. The network airs Kathleen Dunn's show from Milwaukee during afternoon drive, and receives the signal off-air from WHAD/90.7 (Delafield-Milwaukee). At about 4:10, atmospheric conditions caused the signal of WAUS/90.7 (Berrien Springs, MI) to override WHAD's signal. The remaining 8 stations normally rebroadcasting WHAD rebroadcast WAUS instead, until someone at KUWS/91.3 (Superior) called Madison to tell them something was wrong.

6/23/1998: WCCO/830 has reportedly expressed concern to Tri-County Broadcasting that WVAL/800 (Sauk Rapids) will interfere with their signal when WVAL signs on. But this isn't the first time there's been a station on 800 in the St. Cloud area -- WBHR/660 was originally on the frequency. (e-mail)

6/22/1998: Heard over the grapevine: Paul Bunyan Broadcasting considers the Oldies format to be too risky, and will probably program KKZY/95.5 (Bemidji) as a Light AC, or maybe a CHR.

6/21/1998: Here are some Construction Permits that were issued in April, but that I missed because they weren't announced in the usual way:

6/21/1998: The Educational Media Foundation has applied for a 10-Watt translator in Golden Valley on 90.7. The Foundation runs K-Love, a Christian network consisting of a few AM's and an FM in Oregon that feeds more than 50 translators, most of them in California. The Foundation has filed many applications for more translators.

If you're wondering about other Christian translators in the Twin Cities:

6/19/1998: KCML/99.9 (St. Joseph-St. Cloud) began testing over the past weekend and was up and running by Monday morning. "Lite 99.9" uses a satellite Adult Contemporary format. The station can be heard in the northwestern suburbs of Minneapolis with a good antenna. (e-mail)

6/19/1998: WQPM-FM officially changed to KLCI sometime last week. The station is still "New Country Q106," and WQPM(AM) has not changed call letters. (e-mail)

6/19/1998: The FCC has apparently granted a Construction Permit for the new 100kW station at 95.5 in Bemidji to Paul Bunyan Broadcasting. The grant for a new station hasn't been officially announced, yet the call letters KKZY have been assigned to the station. Paul Bunyan, a subsidiary of Omni Broadcasting, also owns Bemidji stations KBUN/1450 and KBHP/101.1 and won the settlement agreement with four other applicants for the new station. The market already has two Country stations, an AC, a Classic Rock, a Christian AC, a Christian Country, a News/Talk, and a Sports. The most likely format for a new station in a small market like Bemidji is Oldies, which WBJI/98.3 recently dropped for "Real Country." (FCC)

6/19/1998: KARE 11 Sport Director Randy Shaver has begun treatment for Hodgkins Disease. The form of the disease Shaver has is the most treatable, with a cure rate of 80%. Shaver is known for his charity golf tournaments to raise money for childhood leukemia. The station invites letters or e-mail through its website. (KARE11)

6/19/1998: Minnesota Public Radio has applied for a new station in Austin. It would be on 90.1 with 6kW at an antenna height of 97m. MPR currently has translators for both of its networks in Austin. (FCC)

6/19/1998: KSTP-TV (along with central Minnesota satellites KSAX and KRWF) will return Nightline to the 10:35 p.m. timeslot in September. The station has delayed the show for most of the decade, airing shows such as Roseanne, Married: With Children, and A Current Affair before Nightline. (Don Fitzpatrick's Shoptalk

6/11/1998: St. Cloud's Lite 100 (KCML/99.9 St. Joseph) is expected to sign on Monday, June 15, at 5 a.m. The 6kW station is owned by Leighton Enterprises, which owns St. Cloud market stations KNSI/1450, KZPK/98.9, and KCLD/104.7. (Bulletin Board)

6/11/1998: WQPM-FM/106.1 (Princeton-Minneapolis), which had previously been granted a call letter change to KSLI, has now been granted another change to KLCI. (FCC)

6/11/1998: KDAL/610 (Duluth) will add the CBS Mystery Theater in a few weeks. The show will air from weeknights from 11 p.m. to Midnight, replacing an hour of Jim Bohannan. The market has been short on Old Time Radio since KXTP/970 dropped its Nostalgia format and "When Radio Was" a year and a half ago. KUWS/91.3 airs old time radio drama Sundays from 8:30 to 11 p.m. (e-mail)

6/10/1998: In a faster-than-lightning action, the FCC has approved the sale of KARP/96.3 (Glencoe) from Bruce Linder (a.k.a. Waite Park Broadcasting) to Roosevelt Broadcasting in only 3 days. An approval of a station sale usually takes several months. It could be a mistake, or maybe the parties attached a little tip to the form. :)

6/9/1998: KAHF/106.3 (Ortonville) will change call letters to KPHR, which 104.3 Milbank recently dropped when it changed from Classic Rock to Oldies, after KKLS-FM/104.7 Sioux Falls dropped Oldies for CHR. This follows the trade earlier this year of Dean Sorenson's KPHR/104.3 for Success Broadcasting's KDIO/1350 and KAHF, plus cash. Since the new KPHR will be owned by the same person as the old KPHR, will Classic Rock end up on 106.3? (And shame on me for not remembering that KPHR used to be in Milbank when I originally posted this item!) (e-mail, FCC)

6/9/1998: Bluff Country Community Radio has applied for a station on 88.5 in Lanesboro, a town of 858 northeast of Preston. The station would be 3.3kW, with an antenna 43m above average terrain. The group had previously asked the FCC to allocate 103.9 to Lanesboro as a class A station (6kW). That petition is still pending. (FCC)

6/7/1998: Lisa Miller is returning to her hometown as the evening personality at KQRS. She had previously worked at Disney's CD94.7 in Chicago. (All Access)

6/7/1998: Angi Taylor will/has joins/joined the KDWB morning show, alongside Dave Ryan. It is unclear whether Pat Ebertz and/or Lee Valsvick are out. KDWB's website, updated yesterday, still lists them. (All Access)

6/7/1998: Roosevelt Broadcasting is buying KARP/96.3 (Glencoe) from Bruce Linder. I haven't been able to find any information about Roosevelt. (FCC

6/7/1998: KAHF/106.3 (Ortonville) changes to KPHR. Can anyone fill me in on what this station's format was or is? (FCC

6/7/1998: WQPM/106.1 (Princeton-Minneapolis) is supposed to be changing call letters to KSLI, but they've got brand new webspace at There's nothing there yet.

6/5/1998: CBS officials haven't yet visited newly aquired KMJZ/KSGS, but a visit is expected soon. It is not known whether CBS will take over the stations in an LMA before the sale is approved. Will CBS keep KMJZ's Smooth Jazz format as a compliment to their Lite 103, or will they change format and challenge a highly-rated station with little competition? (e-mail)

6/2/1998: More regional TV stations have been fined for airing too many commercials during children's programming, as part of the license renewal process. Hubbard Broadcasting's KSAX/42 (Alexandria) and satellite KRWF/43 (Redwood Falls) have been fined $10,000. Both ABC stations are satellites of KSTP-TV/5, marketed locally as 42/43, so will KSTP be fined as well?