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News Archive - June 1997

6/22/1997: Life Time Fitness, with nine Twin Cities locations, is using low-powered FM transmitters to broadcast TV audio to its patrons. Patrons are told to bring their portable radios and tune them to the frequency posted under the TV set they want to watch. The problem is that the signals go outside of the building, sometimes as far as a mile away. Each location uses eight FM frequencies, totalling in 72 unlicensed stations. Frequencies being used include 90.7, 91.7, 94.1, 94.9, 95.7, 96.7, 97.7, 99.9, 103.7, 104.5, 104.9, 105.7, and 107.5. The 105.7 channel is right on top of KXXR (Eden Prairie) and is used at its Brooklyn Park location. Interference to KXXR was limited to the mall's parking lot. The stations also prevent reception of KLSE, WIAL, KMXK, KKSR, WAQE-FM, KAUS-FM, KLZZ, and WWLC. Life Time's signals aren't going too far, but they are still in violation of FCC regulations. On top of that, its also against regulations to retransmit another broadcast station without consent of the station. (Originally written 6/19/1997)

6/22/1997: Last week it became official: former KDWB PD Dan Keiley will start at KIIS-FM in Los Angeles on July 1.

6/22/1997: More information on the latest formats of WDGY/630 and WMIN/740 (Hudson): WDGY continues to air Oldies music outside of the hours of 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays (when talk shows air). When Wings Callahan isn't doing a local show with vintage WDGY jingles (I think), programming coming from Jones Satellite Network. The amount of ethnic programming on WMIN has increased greatly. I heard Hispanic programming on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Another ethnic group is being served via WMIN, but I don't know which one because I'm not familiar with the language. It's probably aimed at St. Paul's Hmong community. At other times, WMIN airs Classic Country from JSN.

6/22/1997: KRPR/89.9 (Rochester) has returned to the air with a Classic Rock format. The station is licensed to Rochester Community College.

6/22/1997: A Commentary Duluth-Superior has somewhere around 130,000 residents, but I'll never consider it to be a metropolitan market until these three things happen:

6/19/1997: "Rock 100.3" (WBOB-FM Minneapolis) is now using this slogan rather than "Real Rock 100."

6/19/1997: Are there really two CHR's in La Crosse? Yes, there are! When I heard that "Hot 94.7" (KHTW Caledonia) had signed on the air, I thought for sure it must've been crippled in some way -- either it was satellite or not really CHR. Or else Z93 had veered away from CHR and I didn't know about it. None of that turned out to be true! Both are CHR. "Hot 94.7" does not use jingles, however. Niether station sounds major market, but both are good.

6/12/1997: Rumor has it that former KDWB PD Dan Kieley is headed to Kiss 102.7 in Los Angeles.

6/12/1997: Dave Allen is the new PD at "K93", KKJM/92.9 (St. Joseph-St. Cloud). He replaces Erick Johnson.

6/9/1997: Children's Broadcasting Corporation, the Minneapolis-based owner of Aahs World Radio, will sell all of its 13 AM stations to New York City-based Global Broadcasting Company. This includes WWTC/1280 and KYCR/1570 in the Twin Cities. CBC is being forced to sell its stations (for a price of $72.5 million) due to competition from ABC's new Children's format, "Radio Disney." It appears that CBC believes most of the current Aahs affiliates being sold will remain Aahs affiliates. Ten of the stations are affiliates.

6/9/1997: A format change I missed: WMIN/740 (Hudson-St. Paul) changed from satellite fed Nostaglia to satellite fed Classic Country a few months ago. Brokered Spanish programming ("Radio Rey") continues to be heard on weekends. I assume WMIN is still using the Jones Satellite Network, since they are the only satellite provider of a pure Classic Country format that I know of.

6/6/1997: WDGY/630 (Hudson-Minneapolis) will debut a Talk format on Monday, according to an article in the Star Tribune. The format will feature Imus in the Morning, G. Gordon Liddy, and Don & Mike. WDGY has been running Jones Satellite Network's Good Time Oldies format since returning to the air in January. 630 is broadcasting with 900 Watts day and 130 Watts night from a site east of Hudson, making WDGY hard to hear in the Twin Cities, especially in concrete office buildings filled with computers and fluorescent lights.

6/5/1997: "Cities 97" (KTCZ/97.1 Minneapolis) is now using the liner "World Class Rock."

6/5/1997: Something I forgot to put here earlier: WMNN/1330 (Minneapolis) is rebroadcasting the audio of KMSP/9's 9 p.m. newscast.

6/3/1997: Petitions to deny the license renewals of KPRM/KDKK (Park Rapids), WHMH (Sauk Rapids), and KQRS (Golden Valley) have been filed with the FCC, although I've been unable to find out who has filed them. Also, Americans for Radio Diversity has filed in opposition to the sale of KXXP (Lakeville), KXXU (Cambridge), and KXXR (Eden Prairie) to KQRS from Cargill. Among ARD's comments are that KQRS, Inc.'s character is being investigated because of the opposition to its license renewal, and that KQRS fails to serve the public interest by burying public affairs programming at 6 a.m. Sundays and not issuing required quarterly reports of public affairs programming. Many ARD members are probably listening to "Sound Opinions," hosted by Shawn Stewart (formerly of REV 105) and Jim DeRogatis Saturdays from 6-8 p.m. on KSTP/1500. (How's that for a segue?) Mary Lucia follows at 8.

6/3/1997: KBJR/6 (Superior-Duluth) is still violating FCC regulations by consistently not giving identification at 4 a.m. during "NBC News Nightside." I suspect that this has been going on since KBJR went 24 hours last fall. One engineer probably leaves after "Roseanne" ends at 3:05, and the next doesn't arrive until about 4:30, KBJR's old sign-on time. No local spots, promos, or ID's are seen during "Nightside."

6/3/1997: The Star Tribune reports that Eric Friesen is leaving MPR to return to the CBC.

6/3/1997: Rumor has it that Imus in the Morning may soon return to the Twin Cities, possibly on KFAN/1130.