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News Archive - May 1997

5/31/1997: KHME/101.1 (Winona) has been sold to Marathon Media, and KRCQ/102.3 (Detroit Lakes) has been sold to Detroit Lakes Broadcasting.

5/31/1997: WEVR-FM/106.3 (River Falls) has been granted a Construction Permit to increase to 6kW at 100m, the maximum power for its class.

5/31/1997: KISD/98.7 (Pipestone) has increased its antenna height to 309 meters, making it a full class C station.

5/30/1997: All Access reports on changes at Chancellor's Twin Cities stations:

5/30/1997: Sarah Carlstrom is the new morning and Noon anchor at KDLH/3 (Duluth, CBS).

5/29/1997: KNFX/970 (Austin) is now all Sports as "The Sports Animal." The One-on-One Sports satellite feed is used. KNFX had previously rebroadcast KMFX-FM/102.5 (Lake City-Rochester), which was also heard on KNFX-FM/104.3 (Spring Grove, now KVGO) and KMFX/1190 Wabasha. As far as I know, KMFX is still rebroadcasting KMFX-FM. KNFX-FM changed to Oldies after being sold to the owners of KFIL AM-FM/1060 and 103.1 (Preston).

5/28/1997: Colleen Needles, who had anchored at WCCO-TV/4 (Minneapolis) for almost a decade, has left the station after settling a sexual discrimination suit.

5/28/1997: Minneapolis' X105 has a website up at

5/27/1997: More info on KTCJ/690 (Minneapolis): The station uses the slogan "Classic Country 690" and is locally originated. ID's are available at the Twin Cities AM Radio ID's Homepage (or will be soon).

5/20/1997: WATQ/106.7 (Chetek-Eau Claire) signed on today with a Classic Country format as "Moose Country 106.7." The station is currently jockless but is taking requests.

5/20/1997: WCFW/105.7 (Chippewa Falls) has moved from 105.5 and increased to 25,000 watts of power.

5/18/1997: KZIO/104.3 (Two Harbors-Duluth) began its satellite delivered Nostalgia/Easy Listening format this evening. Here's the surprising part: they're broadcasting in stereo after almost a year in mono! Also, the FCC has granted KZIO's owners a Construction Permit for a KZIO translator on 106.3 in Duluth, to operate at 50 watts from Canal Park. With all the intermodulation in Duluth, don't expect the signal to be listenable outside of Canal Park!

5/17/1997: In both the Twin Cities and the Twin Ports, TV broadcasters today teamed up to raise money for flood victims in the Red River Valley. "Beyond the Flood" was produced at KTCA and aired on Twin Cities stations KTCA, WCCO-TV, KSTP-TV, KMSP, KARE, KLGT-TV, WFTC, and the Midwest Sports Channel from 6 to 7 p.m. "Flood Aid `97" was produced at WDSE and aired on Twin Ports stations KDLH, KBJR, WDSE, and WDIO from 6:30 to 7 p.m. The events are probably the first of their kind in each market. (Originally written 5/10/1997)

5/17/1997: KZIO/104.3 (Two Harbors-Duluth) began airing commercials from the `40s and `50s as well as a fake blooper tape from that era on Thursday or Friday. Before that, KZIO had been "The Best Mix of the same 14 songs." Those 14 songs all had the words "Sun," "Sunny," or "Unforgettable" in the title. A satellite fed Nostalgia format will eventually debut on the station, which will be known as "Sunny 104.3." Why are they using the KZIO calls for this format, when they're associated with the Top 40 format? The station hopes to benefit everytime a KRBR listener accidentally writes down 102.5's old call letters in an Arbitron diary. In the ongoing story of whether or not 104.3 is broadcasting in stereo or not: they're once again broadcasting in stereo, but with monoraul programming. 104.3's signal suffers terribly from intermodulation in the metro area, and it'd have a better signal in if they just left the stereo generator off. (Originally written 5/10/97)

5/14/1997: The call letters of the three stations making up X105 in the Twin Cities area changed early this week. 105.1 Lakeville is KXXP, 105.3 Cambridge is KXXU, and 105.7 Eden Prairie is KXXR.

5/10/1997: Stu Brown turned up in the afternoon slot at Kiss 92.1 (WWAX Hermantown-Duluth) during this past week. He most recently was KQDS' popular morning host and takes over the time slot from Justin Case.

5/10/1997: WVCF/90.5 (Eau Claire) is on the air, presumably broadcasting Christian programming from the VCY America network.

5/10/1997: From All Access: ARBITRON has officially announced that it has cancelled the Spring 1997 ARBITRON in flood-ravaged GRAND FORKS.

5/10/1997: KEYC/12 (CBS, Mankato) and KLGT-TV/23 (WB, Minneapolis) are both in the process of launching websites, leaving Gannett's KARE and Hubbard's KSTP-TV/KSAX/KRWF and WDIO/WIRT as the only TV stations in the state without websites. (5/17/1997- I realized that KXLI/KXLT and KVBM do not have websites, but what would they do with them, anyway?)

5/10/1997: Shockley Communications is continuing to sell off KTCO's (98.9 Duluth) translators. The Aurora, Hoyt Lakes, and Cook translators have been sold to JPI Radio, which owns lower-powered KADU/90.1 (Hibbing). The Silver Bay translator was sold to North Central Christian Broadcasting, owner of WNCB/89.3 (Duluth). In Grand Marais, KDNW's (97.3 Duluth) owner, Northwestern College, bought KTCO's translator. Northwestern in turn sold its old Grand Marais translator to North Central Christian Broadcasting. JPI Radio purchased the Buhl, Chisholm, and Gilbert translators earlier this year.

5/10/1997: Lots of activity at the FCC last week:

5/4/1997: KEGE-FM/93.7 (Minneapolis) is losing air personality Cane to a New York station. A little bird reminds me that this isn't the first time Cane has left "The Edge" for New York.(All Access)

5/4/1997: Wisconsin Public Radio has filed the first applications for its project to bring "A Clear Signal" to the Chequamegon Bay area of northern Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Educational Communications Board has applied to build translators on 102.9 and 104.7 in Ashland. The translators would rebroadcast the signals of KUWS/91.3 (Superior) and WHSA/89.9 (Brule) respectively. The Board plans to apply for class A facilities in the future on those same frequencies, but will likely have to battle with commerical broadcasters for the licenses.

5/4/1997: KZIO/104.3 (Two Harbors-Duluth) is set to begin stunting with a carrousel of formats sometime soon. KZIO's sister, WWAX/92.1, did the same thing in March when it changed format. A satellite-fed format will debut a few days later as "Sunny 104.3". Meanwhile, ads for 104.3's old format and WWAX' old format are still running on Arrowhead Milk cartons.(Originally written 4/29/1997)