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News Archive - March 1997

3/30/1997: New information on the unlicensed station on 97.7 rebroadcasting KSTP-TV/5 in the Minneapolis area: the station is strong near a large health club by Highway 100, and another station has been heard on 107.5 rebroadcasting WCCO-TV/4. The stations may be part of the health club's audio system, but they're still breaking FCC regulations. WCCO and KSTP probably wouldn't like it if they knew that their signals were being retransmitted in this manner.

3/30/1997: I've discovered the format of KKIN-FM/94.3 (Aitkin) by DXing: it's satellite-delivered Country with USA Radio News as "Total Country." Also, the National Radio Club's DX News reports that KVBR/1340 (Brainerd) is rebroadcasting KFGI/103.5, and KLIZ/1380 is running a satellite Adult Contemporary format. The two stations were broadcasting the same national talk programming with no local spots or ID's when I went through town last summer.

3/28/1997: Apparently WWAX/92.1 (Hermantown-Duluth)'s format change wasn't planned too far in advance: ads for the old format are on Arrowhead Milk cartons with expiration dates as far into the future as April 12.

3/23/1997: KSMN/20 (Worthington) is now on the air. The station is owned by the West Central Minnesota ETV Corporation, which also owns KWCM/10 (Appleton), so KSMN is most likely serving as a satellite station for KWCM.

3/23/1997: When ABC bought Minneapolis' 93X and turned it into "The Edge" in 1994, 93X fans spoke of a petition drive and boycotts. Now that Disney/ABC has bought Rev 105 and turned it into "X105," Rev fans are protesting on the internet. However, Rev fans are concerned with the greater cause of radio diversity, while 93X fans just wanted to hear their favorite music. A good place to start surfing the Rev 105 sites is, where there is also information on subscribing to a listserv. (I apologize for not getting this info on sooner - Spring Break, you know.)

3/23/1997: Joe Thornton's voice cracked at the end of his last newscast Friday, March 21 at 6 p.m. on KDLH/3 (Duluth). Thornton is moving to St. Paul to work in state government after seven years at KDLH. Liz Brummond will be the solo anchor of KDLH's 6 and 10 p.m. newscasts until a replacement is found. Meanwhile, Jessica Kozak, morning and Noon anchor, is leaving for Green Bay (she may have already left). Also, former WDSM/KXTP/KTCO/KZIO co-owner Ken Beuhler will fill in for meteorologist Rhonda Grussendorf mornings and Noon when Grussendorf goes on pregnancy leave.

3/23/1997: WMEQ-FM/92.1 (Menomonie-Eau Claire) has applied to change from Class C3 to Class C2 (25,000 to 50,000 watts).

3/18/1997: An unlicensed station is rebroadcasting the audio from KSTP-TV/5 (St. Paul ABC) on 97.7 in the Minneapolis area. The station has been heard as far west as Minnetonka.

3/18/1997: WWLC/104.9 (Balsam Lake) has signed on as "Lake Country 104.9." Legal ID's include towns such as Grantsburg, Rice Lake, and St. Croix Falls.

3/18/1997: KCHK AM-FM 1350/95.5 (New Prague) now carries ABC/SMN's "Pure Gold" Oldies format in place of locally produced Oldies. Old Time music (polkas, waltzes, etc.) continues to be heard on both AM and FM, and is now also heard early weekday afternoons on KCHK(AM). Otherwise, KCHK still rebroadcasts KCHK-FM.

3/18/1997: The amount of Hispanic programming on Twin Cities radio has increased greatly: "Radio Rey" is now heard both Saturdays and Sundays on WMIN/740, "La Mexicana" is heard Sundays on KYCR/1570, and KBEM/88.5 has added a show on Sundays (unless I just never noticed it before).

3/11/1997: Disney/Cap Cities/ABC has purchased the stations formerly known as "Rev 105" (KREV/105.1 Lakeville, WREV-FM/105.3 Cambridge, and KCFE/105.7 Eden Prairie) from Cargill. According to KMSP, the deal was signed at Noon today, and the format was changed to Hard Rock as "X105" at 1:15 p.m. Among other stations, Disney also owns "The Edge" (KEGE-FM/93.7). The Edge and Rev both had Modern Rock formats. Interestingly, when Disney purchased 93.7 in 1994, it was to remove competition from 93.7's Hard Rock format. Disney also owns KQRS/92.5 and KDIZ/1440. Cargill will continue to own KLBB/1400 and WLOL/1470.

3/8/1997: WWAX/92.1 (Hermantown-Duluth) began a Hot Adult Contemporary format as "Kiss 92.1" at 5pm on Friday, March 7 after six days of stunting. The new format is locally automated, but local DJ's are supposed to appear in some dayparts eventually. Justin Case, formerly of KZIO/102.5, is working at WWAX. "Kiss 92.1" ID's are available at my Duluth/Superior Radio ID's Page. Starting at 11am Sunday, March 2, WWAX began an "All Commercial" format consisting of a lot of fake spots. On Thursday and Friday, WWAX broadcast a carrousel of formats including "Where Metal Lives," "Today's Hot Hot Hot Country," "Cool Contemporary Jazz," "The Northland's Classic Rock Leader," "All 70s, All the Time," "NBB -- Nothing But the Beatles."

3/8/1997: Joe Thornton will be leaving KDLH/3 (Duluth) in a few weeks. Thornton has been with KDLH for seven years and is leaving the business for a job in the Twin Cities.

3/8/1997: KQDS/1490 (Duluth) has changed to KDDS, but is still rebroadcasting KQDS-FM/94.9. The new call letters probably stand for "Kids," or else "All Dentist Radio."

3/3/1997: Stu Brown, formerly the main host of the KQDS [94.9 Duluth] Morning Show, has left the station.

3/3/1997: WWAX/92.1 (Hermantown-Duluth) has dumped its Adult Modern Rock format and is stunting with an all-commercial format. The format actually contains more fake spots than real ones and jabs at other local stations (such as "Good Times and Great Commercials" and "The Best Mix of commercials from the `20s, `30s, `40s, `50s, `60s, `70s, `80s, and Today"). WWAX signed on last summer with a similar format. Justin Case, formerly PD of KZIO, is now working at WWAX. A new format is set to debut later this week. Sister station WRSR/104.3, which did considerably worse than WWAX in last fall's ratings, will not change format. Anybody who wants an aircheck of WWAX's stunting can e-mail me at and we'll work something out.

3/2/1997: There is an unlicensed station operating in Superior on 106.5. The station is apparently being used as a PA system at the Superior racetrack and has been heard three miles away. The city probably doesn't realize that they're breaking FCC regulations.