March 2008

Wayne Radio Works, LLC, is buying KTCH/1590 and KCTY/104.9 (Wayne) from Red Beacon Communications, LLC, for $450,000. Wayne Radio Works is owned by David and Sharon Kelly of Sioux Falls. The new owners have a time brokerage agreement to operate the stations before the sale is closed. Red Beacon purchased the stations from NRG Media last year as part of an $3 million deal that also included KNEN/94.7 (Norfolk). (3/31/2008)

KNEN/94.7 (Norfolk) has dropped Adult Contemporary for Classic Rock as "94 Rock." The change follows KNEN's sale to Red Beacon Communications. (3/31/2008)

Talk host Scott Hennen has left WDAY/970 (Fargo) in preparation for the launch of his own station this summer. As reported here last December, Hennen's SMAHH Communications, LLC, bought WZFN/1100 (Dilworth, MN-Fargo) from Brantley Broadcast Associates for $720,000. He's taking suggestions for the station lineup on his website. The new station will use 50kW days, 22kW during critical hours (after sunrise and before sunset), and 440W at night from an array near Sabin, southeast of Moorhead. Hennen also plans to syndicate his show regionally. (3/29/2008)


  • Hampton, IA: 90.5, 100kW/98m directional (C1), Lighthouse Christian Fellowship. Waterloo rimshot.
  • Wilton, MN: 820, 15kW/750W U3 (B), Edward De La Hunt, Sr. This station will serve the Bemidji market, and De La Hunt also won an auction for 102.5 Kelliher, another Bemidji-market station which has not yet been granted a CP.
  • Gretna, NE: 90.1, 100kW vertical/10W horizontal/33m (C1), Calvary Chapel of Omaha. Transmitter near Wahoo, strong coverage to Fremont, fringe signal to Omaha and Lincoln.
  • Seward, NE: 89.5, 100W/70m (A), Mission Nebraska.
  • Valentine, NE: 90.7, 100kW/132m (C1), Mission Nebraska. Transmitter south of town.
  • Hettinger, ND: 93.5, 100kW/292m (C1), Alma Corporation.
  • Frankfort, SD: 89.5, 100kW/146m (C1), One Accord Ministries. Watertown rimshot.
  • Huron, SD: KVCH/88.7, 100kW/85m (C1), VCY America.
  • Ipswich, SD: 88.5, 20kW/10m (C3), Shining Light Ministries. Unlike the other Ipswich-licensed station, this one will not have strong coverage of Aberdeen.
  • Rosebud, SD: 88.1, 51kW/195m (C1), Rosebud Sioux Tribe. (3/24/2008)

    The following stations have applied for licenses to cover construction permits, which means they will be on the air soon, if not already:

  • Rockford, IA: KYME/92.9, owned by RadioActive, LLC, and at reduced power of 375W, with potential to upgrade to 6kW covering Mason City
  • Sac City, IA: KJLN/104.7, owned by RadioActive, LLC, and at reduced power of 375W, with potential to upgrade to 25kW covering Carroll
  • Rochester, MN: KDZZ/103.9, licensed to Eyota and owned by Cumulus Media. KDZZ will displace a translator of Cumulus' KLCX/107.7 (St. Charles) on 103.9 in Rochester.
  • Two Rivers, WI: WTRW/97.1, a 6kW station transmitting from the WGBW/1590 tower and owned by RadioActive, LLC, heard testing in recent weeks
    Once stations receive their licenses, they are required to transmit a miminum schedule of eight hours between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. and four hours between 6 p.m. and Midnight, Monday through Saturday, unless the station receives a special temporary authority to remain silent. (3/23/2008)

    Iowa Public Radio has delayed the launch of KDWT/89.1 (Ottumwa), but planned to signed on KUNZ/91.1 (Ottumwa) as originally announced on Friday, March 21. KUNZ carries IPR's Classical network full-time. IPR says KDWT's signal was as strong as expected during testing, and that it may be a few months before it signs on. KDWT will carry IPR's News/Talk service during the day and "Studio One" music programming at night. (3/21/2008)

    The CRTC has denied Golden West Broadcasting's application for a new station on 103.7 in Winkler/Morden, MB, which would have carried a Country format. Golden West operates three other stations in the area (2 AM and 1 FM), which is the maximum allowed under ownership rules. It cited competition from KAOC/105.1 (Cavalier, ND) as a reason it should be allowed to exceed the ownership cap. The CRTC examined statistics for the market and found that while about 65% of listening is to out-of-market stations, KAOC only accounts for about 2% of out-of-market listening. Winnipeg stations accounted for more than half, including about 6% for Golden West's CHVN/95.1. Rather than granting Golden West a new FM station, the CRTC suggested the company apply to move one of its existing AM stations to FM and come up with a plan to "repatriate" listeners who currently tune to Winnipeg stations. It also suggested that perhaps Golden West should flip its existing FM station (CJEL/93.5) to Country if it is concerned about a loss of revenue to KAOC. (3/20/2008)

    The FCC has ordered Triad Broadcasting to terminate a Joint Sales Agreement with Guderian Broadcasting's KEGK/106.9 (Wahpeton-Fargo) within 90 days. The JSA was put into place in May 2002, before a 2004 FCC rule change that counted JSA's toward the ownership cap. Triad owns four other FM stations in the Fargo market. The market cap for markets the size of Fargo is four FM's. The FCC had allowed Triad to continue the JSA because Clear Channel had purchased five FM's in the market before the rule change. However, one of the stations had to be divested when Clear Channel sold its group. The FCC decided Triad's waiver was no longer necessary because of the changes in the market. (3/20/2008)

    Wisconsin Public Radio's Superior bureau, home to KUWS/91.3 (Superior) and WHSA/89.9 (Brule), was temporarily closed after a small fire on the roof of the building where it is housed, UW-Superior's Holden Fine and Applied Arts Center. The stations continued to carry network programming on Wednesday and early Thursday, but without local news and weather updates or KUWS evening student music programming. Parts of the building suffered smoke and water damage after a kiln's chimney (not near the radio station) apparently started the fire on Wednesday afternoon (3/19). The building is expected to re-open on Monday when classes resume after spring break. (3/20/2008)

    RadioActive, LLC's WUPZ/96.7 (Republic) has abandoned an earlier application to move to Quinnesec, near Iron Mountain. Instead, it remains licensed to Republic, though the construction permit now calls for 25kW/52m instead of the original 16.11kW/125m. RadioActive's WUPG/94.9 (Crystal Falls) still has a pending application to move to Harvey, serving the Marquette market. Neither station has applied for a license to cover. WUPZ's CP expires on April 26 and WUPG's expires on June 6. (3/19/2008)

    KVSS/88.9, "Omaha's Catholic radio station," is holding a fundraising campaign in an attempt to move to a 100kW signal. The station's website shows a proposed coverage map matching the current facility of NRG Media's KOOO/101.9 (Lincoln-Omaha) and the former facility of Salem Media's KGBI/100.7 (Omaha). An upgrade to 100kW on 88.9 from the transmitter site shown on the map would not be possible, in part, due to the recent sign-on of KNBE/88.9 (Beatrice). KVSS says it has raised a million dollars already and needs to raise another $2.5 million by May 26 to make the project possible. The station is partnering with Kolbe Media, which has been trying to launch a Catholic radio station in Lincoln. (3/17/2008)

    Morningside College's KMSC/88.3 (Sioux City) has left the air due to the sign-on of KFHC/88.1 (Ponca, NE) (see earlier item). KMSC is licensed as class D, a class of stations which can be bumped off the air by higher classes. KFHC is class C3. KMSC has applied to move to 92.9 with a power boost from 12W to 30W. In the meantime, it continues to webcast. (3/14/2008)

    WISCONSIN: reports WLSL/93.7 (Three Lakes-Rhinelander) made its anticipated flip from Classic Hits to Country on Wednesday afternoon (3/12). The station is called "Coyote 93.7" and is using the call letters WCYE, though the official FCC callsign is still WLSL. (3/13/2008)

    Sonlife Radio Network's KNBE/88.9 (Beatrice) has signed on, providing a rimshot signal to Lincoln. Reception reports indicate KNBE can be heard clearly along I-80 as far as Greenwood, but then mixes with KVSS/88.9 (Omaha). Sonlife Radio is operated by Jimmy Swaggart Ministries and is building a number of translators and other stations, including KNHA/90.7 (Grand Island). (3/13/2008)

    Magnum Broadcasting is selling WSRG/97.7 (Sturgeon Bay) to Al Johnson Broadcasting Company, LLC, for $712,500, subject to adjustments. WSRG carries a Hot Adult Contemporary format as "Star 97.7." Magnum retains ownership of nearby WAUN/92.7 (Kewaunee). (3/12/2008)

    Extreme Grace Media is now operating Friendship Communications' two stations, "The Prodigal" (KWOF/850 Waterloo) and "The Spirit" (KWOF-FM/89.1 Hiawatha-Cedar Rapids). Extreme Grace Media is buying the stations for $160,000 and took over operations on March 1 through a time brokerage agreement. The non-profit corporation is owned by Chris and Regina Behmlander of Marion and Karen Goldberger of Davenport. (3/12/2008)

    KPUL/99.5 (Winterset-Des Moines), formerly KZZQ, emerged from more than a week of stunting at 7:45 a.m. Tuesday (3/11) with a format tweak and a new slogan. The station is now called "The Pulse" and has moved from Christian Hot AC to a hybrid of secular and Christian Contemporary Hits. The stunting, which began Friday, February 29, consisted of a heartbeat with excerpts of `80s and `90s hits and movie clips. KPUL is a non-profit station owned by Positive Impact Media. It is also heard on translator K238AN/95.5 (Ames). (3/11/2008)

    DX-midAMerica reports that KXLQ/1490 (Indianola) has returned to the air with spanish-language programming. (3/11/2008)

    K233BT/94.5 (Des Moines) has signed on, carrying the Calvary Satellite Network via KIHS Adel. 94.5 actually transmits from the far northern edge of Des Moines but should theoretically deliver a strong signal to most of the city, though it receives some interference from (or provides interference to, depending on your perspective) KKEZ/94.5 (Fort Dodge). (3/11/2008)

    KMOJ/89.9 (Minneapolis) has applied for an upgrade that would add more than a million people to its main coverage area. KMOJ would move its transmitter from Minneapolis to the Telefarm tower site in Shoreview, using 1.4kW at 273m (class C3). KMOJ currently only has a strong signal to Minneapolis, first-ring suburbs, and part of St. Paul. The upgrade would give it a strong signal across the central and eastern metro. (Page 11 of the application's technical exhibit compares the two coverage areas.) KMOJ is owned by the Center for Communication and Development and carries an Urban Adult Contemporary format. (3/10/2008)


  • Minneapolis: WGVZ/105.7 (Eden Prairie) received a construction permit to move its transmitter from Minnetonka to Minneapolis, which will add much of the northern and eastern metro to its main coverage area while it loses strong coverage to a small part of the far southeast metro. WGVZ, owned by Citadel, simulcasts an Adult Gold format with WGVX/105.1 (Lakeville) and WGVY/105.3 (Cambridge) as "Love 105."
  • Rochester: The FCC approved another community of license change for Cumulus Media's CP for 103.9. It was originally licensed to Lanesboro and later moved to Chatfield, and is now licensed to Eyota. In order to get the latest change, Cumulus is changing KFIL-FM/103.1's community of license from Preston to Chatfield. The new 103.9 will have a rimshot signal to Rochester.
  • Lincoln: KLCV/88.5 received a CP to upgrade from 4.7kW to 100kW directional, which give the Bott Radio Network station a rimshot signal to Omaha.
  • Omaha: "K-Love" station KMLV/88.1 (Ralston) received a CP to upgrade from 3.7kW to 45.5kW.
  • Rice Lake, WI: WPLT/106.3 (Spooner) received a CP to change its community of license to Sarona and move its transmitter to the WGMO/95.3 tower south of Shell Lake, which will improve WPLT's signal to Rice Lake. WGMO will change its community of license from Shell Lake to Spooner with no actual facility change. (3/10/2008)

    Pilot Communications has returned construction permits for two new radio stations in the Dickinson market. Pilot had won the 93.9 Belfield and 101.9 Richardton in FCC Auction No. 37 with a $50,000 bid for 93.9 and a $90,000 bid for 101.9. The market has four other commercial stations, three of which are owned by Clear Channel and are for sale. Another commercial frequency in the market, 95.7 New England, went to non-commercial Horizon Broadcast Network, which recently signed on KCVD/95.7 at 700W, though it was originally slated for 100kW. (3/9/2008)

    Jeremy Vogel is buying W300BP/107.9 (Grand Rapids) from Radio Assist Ministry for $6,000. Vogel plans to rebroadcast KKBJ-FM/103.7 (Bemidji) on W300BP. (3/8/2008)

    Jeffrey G. Dress is buying K274BH/102.7 (Valley City) from Horizon Christian Fellowship for $20,000. Dress plans to rebroadcast KXGT/98.3 (Carrington) on K274BH. (3/8/2008)

    The FCC has thrown out a proposed $10,000 fine against the owner of WMXG/106.3 (Stephenson) for alleged tower lighting violations, but the owner will make a voluntary $5,000 payment and correct lighting issues as part of a consent decree. (3/8/2008)

    The FCC has admonished, but stopped short of fining, Seehafer Broadcasting for failing to widely promote four job openings at WXCO/1230 (Wausau) in 2003 and 2004. The openings were posted only on All Access. The FCC says use of a website without a non-Internet source does not qualify as adequate recruitment. (3/8/2008)

    KFHC/88.1 (Ponca, NE-Sioux City) has signed on with Catholic programming. The station is owned by Sioux City-based St. Gabriel Communications and carries EWTN Radio. (3/8/2008)

    The following stations have applied for licenses to cover construction permits, which means they will be on the air soon, if not already:
    Chadron, NE: KCNB/94.7, owned by Eagle Communications
    North Platte, NE: KNPQ/107.3, licensed to Hershey and owned by Eagle Communications, carrying Country, according to DX-midAMerica
    Sargent, NE: KHZZ/92.1, owned by Mission Nebraska, at lower power than originally permitted, presumably simulcasting KROA
    Hermosa, SD: KWRC/90.9, presumably to carry the Calvary Satellite Network, with a strong signal to Custer and Keystone and possible fringe reception to Rapid City
    Rapid City, SD: KXMZ/102.7, licensed to Box Elder and owned by Connoisseur Media, which has no other stations in the market (3/8/2008)

    KCOB/1280 (Newton) has split off its longtime simulcast of KCOB-FM/95.9 and is now carrying Oldies. KCOB-FM continues with Country. (3/7/2008)

    Starboard Media's WKAH/105.9 (Soldiers Grove) has signed on with a mix of Adult Contemporary and Oldies. Catholic programming could eventually come to WKAH since Starboard operates the Relevant Radio network. The station had been originally permitted for 6kW but signed on with just 200W, likely in an effort to get on the air before the CP expired. (3/7/2008)

    Spanish-language broadcasts of the Minnesota Twins are moving this season to "La Invasora," KMNV/1400 (St. Paul-Minneapolis) and KMNQ/1470 (Brooklyn Park). The broadcasts had been carried in previous seasons on KBGY/107.5 (Faribault). This year's schedule includes a total of 26 games, more than ever before, beginning with opening day (March 31) and followed by all Tuesday and Sunday home games. The broadcasts will be called by Alfonso Fernandez with Tony Oliva providing color commentary. (3/7/2008)

    Iowa Public Radio plans to launch two new Ottumwa stations on Friday, March 21. 13.5kW KDWI/89.1 will carry IPR's News and Information network during the day and its Alternative service, which is now being called Studio One, at night. 1.9kW KUNZ/91.1 will carry IPR's Classical network. Residents of Ottumwa and Wapello County, population 36,051, have previously only had fringe reception of public radio. IPR also has a construction permit for 380W KUNE/88.3 (Ottumwa) and has not announced programming plans for that station. In addition, the network has two CP's to the north in Oskaloosa and one CP to the east in Fairfield. (3/6/2008)

    All Access reports that WLMX/104.9 (Balsam Lake) is switching from Adult Contemporary to Classic Country as of Wednesday (3/5). Both the old and new formats come from Jones Radio Networks, outside of a local morning show. 104.9 originally signed on with Country in 1997 as WWLC but went silent after eighteen months, returning with AC and new owners in 1999. The format was tweaked to Hot AC in 2003 after an ownership change, and then back to AC in 2006 after being sold to the current owner, Red Rock Radio. Your author worked at the station from 1999 to 2002. (3/5/2008)

    Midwest Communications' KRBR/102.5 (Superior-Duluth) has changed its name to "The Hog" following a tweak of the station's Classic and New Rock format. Midwest has reserved the callsign KHQG for the station. KRBR was originally "The Bear" when it switched to Modern Rock in 1996, but dropped the slogan a few years ago in favor of just call letters. (3/4/2008)

    Bill Carlson, WCCO-TV Longtime WCCO-TV/4 anchor Bill Carlson died Friday (2/29) at 73. Carlson began his career as a page at WCCO radio in 1951 while he was in high school. After graduating from the University of Minnesota, Carlson joined WCCO-TV in 1959 and held both on- and off-air positions. He hosted a phone-in talk show, a teen dance program, several game shows, and newscasts. Carlson was also known for his entertainment reporting, and was last heard in reports on the Academy Awards in the past week. Carlson had been fighting prostate cancer which spread to his liver in recent days.

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  • Star Tribune: Longtime 'CCO anchor Bill Carlson dies at 73 (3/1/2008)

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