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February 1998

2/28/1998: Jim Ingstad has won the settlement agreement with the other 12 applicants for 107.5 (C2) Faribault. This means he will most likely receive a Construction Permit for the new station, which will probably be included in Ingstad's sale to Cumulus Media (see the item from 2/25). The new Faribault station will have a fair-good signal into the southern suburbs of the Twin Cities, and will likely be the last new station to sign on with a good signal in any part of the metro area. (e-mail)

2/28/1998: Another settlement agreement: Randy Holland will get the CP for 100.9 (C3) Harwood, ND. Harwood is less than 10 miles from Fargo, so the new station will likely be targeted towards Fargo-Moorhead audiences. (e-mail)

2/28/1998: More details on the sale of seven of Children's Broadcasting's stations: there are three buyers; two of them will be revealed in a few weeks, and another will be revealed in early March. None of the deals are final. CBC said in last week's press release that its shareholders will approve the sale of "substantially all" its stations in May or June. Until then, "Beat Radio" will continue to air at night and the miscellaneous music format will continue during the day on CBC's stations. (Radio&Records, e-mail)

2/28/1998: KKIN AM-FM 930/94.3 (Aitkin) is being sold to Alan Quarnstrom and Linda Qaurnstrom from Ronan Broadcasting. Mr. Quarnstrom owns stations in Cloquet, Hibbing, and Hayward, and has a Construction Permit for a new station in Moose Lake. (FCC)

2/28/1998: Wisconsin Public Radio will go 24 hours on April 6. Stations on the NPR News and Classical Music network (regionally, that's WUEC Eau Claire, WVSS Menomonie, WLSU La Crosse, and WHSA Brule) will carry Classical music from the Beethoven network. Ideas Network stations (WHWC Menomonie, WHLA La Crosse, and KUWS Superior) will carry the BBC World Service. This is a problem because MPR's News and Information network already carries the BBC overnight and can be heard in western Wisconsin. At KUWS, local student-produced music programming will be expanded. The station now signs off at midnight, but programming will go until 1 a.m. on "school nights" and 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. However, some of that programming may be moved into the middle of the night sometime this year. See the editorial page for more information.

2/27/1998: Leighton Enterprises has issued a press release saying that it intends to have their new station at 99.9 (licensed to St. Joseph) on the air with a Light Adult Contemporary format within 120 days (that's the end of June). The new station will compete primarily with St. Cloud Broadcasting Company's "Star 96.7." (e-mail)

2/25/1998: Cumulus Media, LLC, is buying many of James Ingstad's stations. Right now it looks as if all of his stations except the Fargo group is being sold. This would include stations in Rochester, Wabasha, Austin, Mankato, New Ulm, Sleepy Eye, Springfield, Owatonna, Faribault, Waseca, as well as several stations in Iowa and North Dakota. Cumulus owns more than 75 stations in the midwest, south, and east, the nearest being in Dubuque and Oshkosh. (e-mail, RROnline)

2/24/1998: All Access says KS95 has announced its new morning team: Van Patrick (coming from Nashville) and Cheryl Kaye (Portland). They join Melinda Jacobs.

2/24/1998: KMJZ's website has been down since at least something up?

2/24/1998: Gray Communications is buying WEAU/13 (Eau Claire), along with two TV stations in Nebraska, from Busse Broadcasting. The total price for the three stations is $112 million, minus Busse's debt. (Newspage)

2/24/1998: KNOF/95.3 (St. Paul) was off the air for part of the weekend due to transmitter problems. (MWBP Bulletin Board)

2/24/1998: All Access reported last week that Jason Hillery is the new PD at Hot 94.7 (KHTW Caledonia-La Crosse). He moves up from the APD/MD position, and he's looking for personalities for midday, evenings, and nights. KHTW's address is 200 Main Street, La Crosse, 54601.

2/24/1998: Information gleaned from the FCC website:

2/20/1998: Children's Broadcasting Company has found buyers for 7 of its stations, but it has not disclosed which stations are being sold, who they're being sold to, or any other details. Business Newswire

2/19/1998: Minneapolis' "Beat Radio" has gone nationwide! least for a while. It's being broadcast on The Network Formerly Known as Aahs World Radio everyday from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. That network includes WWTC/1280 in the Twin Cities, as well as stations in the New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Detroit, Kansas City, Denver, and Dallas markets. The New York station (WJDM/1660, actually licensed to Elizabeth, New Jersey) has a great signal across the eastern U.S. because there are no other stations operating on that frequency (yet). Wednesday (2/18) was the first night of "Beat Radio" on the network. The Children's Broadcasting Company unexpectedly had to program these stations when their sale to Global Broadcasting fell through.

2/19/1998: Leighton Enterprises has been granted a construction permit for a new 6,000-watt station on 99.9, licensed to St. Joseph. Five other parties had applied for the frequency. It's speculated that Leighton will have the new station on the air by late July. Leighton owns St. Cloud stations KCLD/104.7, KZPK/98.9 (Paynesville), and KNSI/1450. (e-mail)

2/19/1998: A year after dropping the Oldies from its Adult Contemporary format, 96Lite (Duluth) has brought them back. Perhaps this is due to the strong ratings of Oldies station Kool 101.7? Meanwhile, WNXR/107.3 (Iron River) is playing some AC music again. They had taken their format in a 60s-70s Oldies direction last fall.

2/16/1998: KXLI/41 (St. Cloud-Twin Cities) is now officially KPXM. Their ID doesn't include KXLT/47 (Rochester) anymore, so KXLT may be off the air. The two stations were once co-owned, but KXLI was sold to Paxson Communications in 1996, and KXLT is in the process of being sold to Shockley Communications.

2/16/1998: Twin Citians can now get live, continuous shots of freeways around the metro area weekday mornings on KVBM/45. "Traffic TV" is aired from 6 to 8:30 and uses shots from MN/DOT's cameras around the metro area. For audio, the service uses KBEM/88.5, which broadcasts traffic from MN/DOT every 10 minutes during morning and afternoon drive time. (2/20/98- Traffic TV was launched in November 1997)

2/16/1998: The Network Formerly Known as "Aahs" is still broadcasting a non-format of entire CD's, Oldies, Classic Rock, Adult Contemporary, Top 40, and pretty much anything else you can think of except Country. Children's Broadcasting Corporation is filling the time with this format until a new buyer is found. The mix runs on the CBC stations used to be Aahs affiliates.

2/16/1998: Rumor: will WQPM AM-FM go satellite once St. Cloud Broadcasting Company takes over? (e-mail)

2/13/1998: WQPM AM-FM has dropped Classic Country tracks from its format and is now positioning itself as "New Country." (e-mail)

2/11/1998: It's been confirmed -- the St. Cloud Broadcasting Company (KXSS/KKSR/KLZZ/KDDG) is buying WQPM AM-FM from Milestone Radio. (e-mail)

2/9/1998: The St. Cloud Broadcasting Company (KXSS/1390, KKSR/96.7, KLLZ/103.7, and KDDG/105.5) is rumored to be buying WQPM AM-FM in Princeton. It was reported here before that WQPM was being sold to Milestone Radio, but the ownership of Milestone Radio is unknown. Also, rumors say the St. Cloud Broadcasting Company may be moving from its current Waite Park location to a site at Highway 15 and I-94 or to the KLZZ transmitter site. (e-mail)

2/8/1998: C.J. reports that KS95 is making some changes in its morning show. Rob Carson has been let go, and Mark Otto is said to be around only until a replacement is found. (Star Tribune)

2/4/1998: WMIN/740 (Hudson-Twin Cities) has dropped Jones Radio Network's Classic Country format and is now simulcasting with sister station WDGY/630 from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. (that's Imus and G. Gordon Liddy). After 2, the brokered "Radio Rey" takes over. "Radio Rey" has been heard over WMIN for years on the weekend. Also, WDGY/630 will soon be dropping Jones' Oldies format, currently running from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. (when WDGY is on peanut power). In its place, "One-on-One Sports" will be heard. KFAN recently dropped "One-on-One." (e-mail)

2/4/1998: Former "Aahs World Radio" affiliate WEIO/1050 (Eau Claire) is now rebroadcasting FM sister WISM/98.1's Classic Rock format following Aah's demise. (e-mail)

2/4/1998: The RealAudio feed of the network formerly known as "Aahs" has been taken down. As of early morning Tuesday, WJDM/1660 out of Elizabeth, NJ, (one of the former "Aahs" affiliates that is owned by the Children's Broadcasting Company) was still broadcasting the mix described on 1/31/1998.

2/4/1998: Don Anger, former afternoon drive jock at KLZZ/103.7 St. Cloud, quit on January 23rd, and has taken up permanent residence at KS95. He'll host "Retro Saturday Night" on KS95, replacing Brian Zepp, who was fired last year. Sources say his show will be all `70s, as opposed to the `70s-`80s mixture that has made up "Retro Saturday Night" in recent months. (e-mail)

2/2/1998: WCOW/97.1 and WKLJ/1290 (Sparta) are being bought by Family Radio, which owns La Crosse stations WKTY/580, WIZM/1410, Z93 (WIZM-FM), and The River 95.7 (WTRV). WCOW and WTRV are both Country -- will they both be Country after the sale is complete? (FCC)

2/2/1998: St. Olaf College has been granted FCC permission to build a 250-Watt station on 88.7 in Rochester. The new station will likely relay St. Olaf's WCAL/89.3. (FCC)

2/2/1998: The FCC has issued KQWB/1550 (West Fargo) a Construction Permit for a station on 1660, in the expanded portion of the AM broadcast band. It will be the only station in or bordering Minnesota to broadcast in the expanded band. Once the new station goes on the air, 1550 can stay on the air for five years, but must then leave the air for good. All stations in the expanded band broadcast/will broadcast with 10kW day and 1kW night, nondirectional. There are only a handful of stations operating in the expanded band right now. (e-mail, FCC)