February 2002

The FCC has returned (i.e. not granted) CSN International's application for a 580-Watt station on 90.1 in Spring Valley. (2/28/02)

Echostar has upped the ante again and is now promising to deliver "local-into-local" service to all U.S. TV markets if the merger of DISH Network and DirecTV is approved. Right now, the two companies, operating separately, offer local channels in 42 markets, including Milwaukee (DirecTV) and Minneapolis (both). Originally, they'd promised the top 100 markets after the merger, then they promised the top 100 markets plus one market in states that don't have a top 100 market, and now the companies say they'd be able to offer all 210 markets with the addition of another satellite. The merger requires federal approval. (2/27/02)

The Duke Skorich Radio Show unexpectedly ended its run on KUWS/91.3 (Superior) last Thursday. The show had aired Monday-Thursday from 5-7 p.m. and also included commentary from Patty McNulty and Ken Buehler. Skorich, president of Zenith Research Group, said business demands had created time constraints that made continuing with the program difficult. The three had been hosting the show on a volunteer basis. KUWS will fill the time slot with an additional two hours of programming from Wisconsin Public Radio's Ideas Network. (2/26/02)

27-Watt Sonlife Radio Network translator K213DN/90.5 (Morris) has signed on. (2/25/02)

The FCC has granted Calvary Chapel of Menomonie a construction permit for a new 100-Watt low-power FM station on 101.7. (2/25/02)

Gregory Wennes is buying KNEI/1140 and KNEI-FM/103.5 (Waukon) and KVIK/104.7 (Decorah) from Marathon Media for $1.4 million. Wennes Communications Stations has been operating the stations under a time brokerage agreement since February 1. Wennes does not hold any interest in any other station. (2/22/02)

KOTD/1020 (Plattsmouth) has changed call letters to KKSC, but the format is unchanged. The Waitt Radio station has a construction permit to upgrade from 1kW daytime-only to 50kW day and 1.4kW night. (2/22/02)

Student-run WSUM/91.7 (Madison) is set to sign on at 2:22 p.m. on 2/22/02. The FCC granted a construction permit for the station several years ago, but residents near the proposed tower site fought to keep the tower from going up. It eventually did go up late last year. The station has been webcasting since 1997 through its website at http://wsum.wisc.edu. The new station is 5.6kW at 103m, but due to the crowded FM band, the transmitter is actually located 22km (14 miles) southwest of the UW campus, meaning the signal may be a little bit scratchy in some situations. WSUM's schedule includes jazz, rock, ska, dance, R&B, news, and talk programming. (2/22/02)

13-Watt Calvary Satellite Network translator K209EN/89.7 (Clive) has signed on. (2/21/02)

Just after starting a new Light Adult Contemporary format, "Lite 101.9" (KLTQ Lincoln-Omaha) has improved its signal into Omaha by moving to a tower closer to town with a slightly higher antenna height. (2/21/02)

Midwest Communications' KXTP/970 (Superior-Duluth) has ceased being a Radio Disney affiliate and is now rebroadcasting sister KRBR, "Rock 102.5 The Bear." KXTP was off the air over the weekend. (2/19/02)

The new format at KOWO/1170 (Waseca) is a mixture of Talk and satellite-delivered Adult Gold form the `70s and `80s. The station has a locally-produced show from 6-9a, Agritalk from 10-11a, Joe Soucheray from 2-5p, and ABC's Memories format at other times, positioned locally as "Good Times and Great Memories" and as "Unforgettable Favorites" from the network. ABC/Entertainment network news runs on the hour. The change from Country was made on February 6 and follows the stations' sale to Main Street Radio. (2/18/02)

The FCC has granted construction permits for more low-power TV stations:

  • Duluth, MN: K69GI, Lawrence Howard Mintz, 9.77kW
  • Winona, MN: K64FY, Trinity Broadcasting Network, 1.5kW
  • Crawford, NE: K54HC, Mark Silberman, 999W
  • Gordon, NE: K58GR, John Digiuseppe, 999W
  • Norfolk, NE: K46GP, Pappas Telecasting Companies, 2kW
  • Orchard, NE: K59HB, Mark Silberman, 999W
  • South Sioux City, NE: K23GC, Pappas Telecasting Companies, 20kW
  • Thedford, NE: K53GY, Mark Silberman, 999W
  • Valentine, NE: K29FH, Pappas Telecasting Companies, 20kW
  • Morton, ND: K53HA, Mark Silberman, 999W
  • Wilton, ND: K59HL, Mark Silberman, 999W
  • Buffalo, SD: K59HA, Mark Silberman, 999W
  • Edgemont, SD: K59HD, Mark Silberman, 999W
  • Gettysburg, SD: K53GZ, Mark Silberman, 999W
  • Gettysburg, SD: K58GO, Mark Silberman, 999W
  • Murdo, SD: K57IJ, MS Communications, 999W
  • Ridgeview, SD: K54HH, Frank Gerchy and Virginia Gerchy, 999W
  • Springfield, SD: K33GX, Red River Broadcasting, 13.7kW
  • Chippewa Falls, WI: W68DP, Trinity Broadcasting Network, 20kW (2/16/02)

    The Iowa Legislature is the latest to consider whether to ban broadcast non-compete clauses. SSB 3116 would void any contracts that contain a non-compete clause. A similar law was recently passed in Illinois, just one of three states that have such a law, and similar legislation is being considered in Missouri. The Iowa Broadcasters Association has already spoken out against the proposal. (2/15/02)

    The Praise Network's KPNO/90.9 (Norfolk) has applied for an increase from 50kW to 100kW, though the 100kW signal would be horizontal-only, with 10kW vertical. (2/15/02)

    Midwest Communications has apparently purchased W270AJ/101.9 (Town of Rockland) {that's south of Green Bay} and has applied to move the translator to Green Bay and increase its power from 13W to 180W. It would be used as a translator for Midwest's WOZZ/93.5 (New London-Appleton). No record available on the FCC's website to show that Midwest purchased the translator, but the application was filed by Midwest. Some online FCC records, which are not official sources of information, still list Joseph L. Roffers as licensee. (2/15/02)

    KJCY/95.5 (St. Ansgar) has applied to upgrade from 6kW to 10kW. The station's antenna height would remain 100m. (2/14/02)

    Three more low-power FM stations granted: 104.7 Pierre (SD), Pierre Educational Radio; 101.9 Appleton (WI), Calvary Chapel Appleton; 103.3 Sheboygan (WI), St. Gerard. (2/14/02)

    Former unlicensed broadcasters will be able to get licenses and be associated with low-power FM stations after all. Last Friday, the U.S. District Court of Appeals-D.C. Circuit struck down an FCC regulation that prohibited pirates from getting a license. The court ruled the regulation, recommended by Congress, unconstitutional. (2/12/02)

    WCMP/1350 (Pine City) has changed the source of its Nostalgia format from ABC Stardust to Jones Radio Network's Music of Your Life. The station is still affiliated with ABC's Information network for news. WCMP was purchased by Quarnstrom Media last year, which also uses the feed on stations in Aitkin, Cloquet, and Hayward (WI). (2/12/02)

    KFIL-FM/103.1 (Preston) has applied to increase from 3.5kW to 9.5kW while remaining at its present site and antenna height (161m), bringing the station to full power for its class C3 allocation. Previously, KFIL-FM could not be full power for its class because of spacing with WLTE/102.9 (Minneapolis). With last year's addition of class C0 for stations licensed as class C but operating at below 450m antenna height, the KFIL upgrade became possible. WLTE would become a class C0 station, though no actual facility change would take place there. KFIL's upgrade would improve its signal into Rochester, though it would still not be strong there. (2/12/02)

    More construction permits granted for low-power TV stations:

  • Crawford, NE: K52HS, Damon Merari, 500W
  • Gordon, NE: K53HB, Robert E. Vanderzanden, 999W
  • Glen Ullin, ND: K52HF, Victor L. Suits, 999W
  • Glen Ullin, ND: K54HF, Shigeo Murakami, 999W
  • Hettinger, ND: K58GP, Mark Silberman, 999W
  • Sentinel Butte, ND: K57IK, Mark Silberman, 999W
  • Aberdeen, SD: K53HE, Mark Silberman, 999W
  • Faith, SD: K53GW, Robert E. Vanderzanden, 999W
  • Phillip, SD: K57II, Helen Vivian Waterbury, 999W
  • Chippewa Falls, WI: W59DR, Inspiration Television, 20kW
  • Chippewa Falls, WI: W61DM, Trinity Broadcasting Network, 20kW
  • Ino, WI: W59DT, Mark Silberman, 999W
  • La Crosse, WI: K61HK, Trinity Broadcasting Network, 6kW (2/12/02)

    Radio ratings service Eastlan has added a few Wisconsin markets to its lineup. A ratings survey for La Crosse, which was dropped as a rated market by Arbitron a few years ago, will be conducted between March 28 and May 22. A survey for Rhinelander will be conducted this fall, and Quincy, Illinois, will be surveyed this summer. (2/11/02)

    The FCC has granted a slew of construction permits for new low-power TV stations (the channel number is the one contained in the call letters, such as 54 for "K54HA"):

  • Albert Lea, MN: K54HA, Trinity Broadcasting Network, 10kW
  • Albert Lea, MN: K67HL, Trinity Broadcasting Network, 10kW
  • Brainerd, MN: K59GU, Trinity Broadcasting Network, 10kW
  • Utica, MN: K59HK, Jerry M. Hudson, 999W
  • Alliance, NE: K57IU, Damon Merari, 999W
  • Bassett, NE: K58GX, Mark Silberman, 999W
  • North Platte, NE: K68GG, Lawrence Howard Mintz, 9.31kW
  • Valentine, NE: K53HL, Mark Silberman, 999W
  • Valentine, NE: K55JK, Mark Silberman, 999W
  • Hettinger, ND: K56HN, Damon Merari, 999W
  • Morton, ND: K55JI, Mark Silberman, 999W
  • Napoleon, ND: K52HL, Mark Silberman, 999W
  • Napoleon, ND: K54HK, Mark Silberman, 999W
  • South Heart, ND: K54HI, Warren C. Helgesen, 999W
  • Aberdeen, SD: K55JD, Mark Silberman, 999W
  • Bowdle, SD: K52HK, Mark Silberman, 999W
  • Bowdle, SD: K54HM, Mark Silberman, 999W
  • Caputa, SD: K54FU Damon Merari, 999W
  • Faith, SD: K55JJ, Edna Manriquez, 999W
  • Fort Thompson, SD: K52HI, Mark Silberman, 999W
  • Gregory, SD: K58HA, Mark Silberman, 999W
  • Rapid City, SD: K63GP, Michael L. Mintz, 13.7kW
  • Rapid City, SD: K68GF, Michael L. Mintz, 8.02kW
  • Ridgeview, SD: K57IS, Mark Silberman, 999W
  • White Lake, SD: K53HF, Mark Silberman, 999W
  • White Lake, SD: K58GW, Mark Silberman, 999W
  • Willow River, SD: K53HJ, Larry M. Hudson, 999W
  • Ino, WI: W53CF, Michael J. Myatovich, 999W
    All of the 999-Watt applications were filed with a mailing address care of MS Communications. (2/7/02)

    WDGY/630 (Hudson-St. Paul) has amended its application to move its transmitter to Rosemount to use 7.9kW instead of 8.2kW. (2/7/02)

    UPN affiliate WUPT-CA/25 (Crystal Falls) has rescinded its application to jump to 150kW. The station is currently about 1kW. (2/7/02)

    An application has been filed to bring the construction permit for WHIT-FM/93.1 (DeForest) into the Mid-West Family Radio group. Great Dane Broadcasters is currently owned by Thomas Walker, Jolene Neis, Dale Ganske, David Magnum, and William O'Donnell. The deal is in two parts: Walker would buy out Ganske, Magnum, and O'Donnell, and then Great Dane would be merged into Mid-West. The deal doesn't come as a complete surprise since Walker is president and director of Mid-West, and the WHIT call letters were moved from Mid-West's AM 1550 to 93.1. No sale price was indicated in documents filed with the FCC. Mid-West also owns Madison-market stations WTDA/1480, WTUX/1550, WTDY/1670, WJJO/94.1, WMGN/98.1, and WWQM/106.3. The FCC has indicated it will conduct extra analysis of the proposed sale. (2/6/02)

    Clear Channel's 98.7 Kiss FM (KSMA Osage-Mason City) has completed its upgrade from 6kW to 25kW from a transmitter about five kilometers south of the old one. The change greatly increases the Contemporary Hits station's signal strength in Mason City. (2/5/02)

    The Nebraska Radio Page reports that KLTQ/101.9 (Lincoln-Omaha) switched to Light Adult Contemporary as "Lite 101.9" this morning (Monday 2/4) after a weekend of stunting. The previous format was Classic Hits as "The Fox." KLTQ has a construction permit to co-locate its antenna with KGBI/100.7 (Omaha), which would give the station a better signal in Omaha. (2/5/02)

    The latest low-power FM station to be granted is for Technology Information Foundation to build a 100-Watt station on 107.9 in Eau Claire. In its application for the station, the group said it plans to offer daily call-in shows to answer tech-related questions and provide information about computers and other technological devices. The Technology Information Foundation is made up of Mark Harcourt of Eau Claire, Timothy Wells of Altoona, and Wolf Snider of Eau Claire. (2/2/02)

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