2003 Articles

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Sioux Falls Argus Leader: ABC TV trio set for sale to North Dakota company (12/31)
Grand Forks Herald: Radio talker gets the call (12/30)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: KFAN the Restaurant ready to make waves (12/26)
City Pages: Pirates of the Mississippi (12/24)
Aberdeen American News: Firm hopes to buy TV stations (12/25)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: 'Common Man' becomes Mr. Positive (12/25)
Des Moines Register: Cable TV will get pricier for Mediacom customers (12/25)
BusinessNorth: Clear Channel moves to dump local radio programming (12/15)
Star Tribune: WCCO's news is attracting more younger viewers, according to Nielsen (12/20)
Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal: Radio stations each score high in various categories (12/16)
Rapid City Journal: No more Ben at KNBN (12/11, scroll down)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Plot thickening as Vascellaro moves into anchor chair (12/16)
Stevens Point Journal: Radio group sale is off (12/15)
Des Moines Register: University-run public radio stations pool resources in wake of cuts (12/14)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Robert denies stake in 'High Ground' (12/13)
Superior Daily Telegram: KDLH Channel 3 set to be purchased (12/12)
Star Tribune: KSTP Radio puts Sean Hannity's syndicated show into Jason Lewis' old slot (12/12)
Star Tribune: Gophers stuck in middle of FSN-Victory tiff (12/12)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Wonky 'High Ground' off to slow start (12/11)
Star Tribune: Former Minnesota Orchestra radio host dies (12/11)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Radio deal riles Rochester market (12/10)
Star Tribune: Radio talk show host quits non-conservative program (12/9)
Star Tribune: Anchor away: Paul Magers sets sail for Los Angeles (12/7)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Gophers' blackout could last all season (12/5)
Grand Island Independent: Sale in works for G.I., Aurora radio stations (12/4)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Is race an issue in abduction coverage? (12/4)
Sioux Falls Argus Leader: 6 Sioux Falls stations sold (12/3)
Star Tribune: WCCO squeaks ahead in TV news ratings race (12/3)
Sioux Falls Argus Leader: Law allows cable customers to buy individual channels (11/28)
Des Moines Register: Lee Kline of farm radio fame on tape, CD (11/28)
AP: KEVN-TV's parent company files for bankruptcy (11/27)
Star Tribune: Radio personality's ministry reaches out to women troubled after abortion (11/23)
Star Tribune: Frank Vascellaro to anchor KARE-11 news (11/21)
Star Tribune: News ratings (11/21)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Vascellaro chosen as Magers' successor (11/21)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Rosenbaum controversy out of hand (11/21)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: City Council chides KSTP over remark (11/20)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: '97 Sampler' looks like another smash (11/20)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Impasse keeps Gophers off cable (11/17)
AP: Iowa statewide public radio idea opposed (11/15)
Omaha World Herald: Oldies radio redefines goodies (11/10)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Place your bets on new KARE anchor (11/16)
Sioux Falls Argus-Leader: Christian TV station celebrates 25 years (11/13)
Des Moines Register: 98.3 The River flows away; station turns to talk radio (11/12)
Des Moines Register: Sports radio rivalry (11/11)
Chicago Tribune: Scholars, activists protest media consolidation at Wisconsin rally (11/9)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: The case of the missing news execs (11/9)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: LaPorte set to lead Channel 4 news team (11/6)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Fox sheds 'Skin'; Fox 9 probes porn (11/6)
AP: Police say teenagers harassed Des Moines TV anchors (11/5)
Star Tribune: Digital TV: A clear, fuzzy future (11/1)
Grand Island Independent: KKPR-AM to switch to sports talk format Monday (11/2)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: U station passes the test with 'real music-lovers' (10/31)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: New channel plays hardball with giants (10/31)
Star Tribune: Victory hopes launch will lead to cable deals (10/31)
Wisconsin State Journal: Opinion: WisconsinEye: Fair and balanced? (10/31)
AP: Magers wins anchor Emmy; KSTP-TV, KARE-TV big winners (10/26)
Des Moines Register: Spanish radio attracts listeners (10/25)
AP: Company plans new TV station (10/25)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Carlson's return is good sign for WCCO (10/24)
Star Tribune: Kill Bill? Not at WCCO; Carlson back as anchor (10/23)
Wisconsin State Journal:Madison companies tailor forecasts to your address (10/21)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Format changes at WRIT cited in station's ratings gains (10/20)
Des Moines Register: Feedback is positive for Merrill's radio station (10/16)
Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier: Student Radio Statio Branches Out (10/13)
Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal: Radio station launch in sight (10/9)
Green Bay News-Chronicle: WGBA hires Gillespie for sports (10/11)
Star Tribune: KDWB retracts DJ's jest urging rioting (10/11)
Green Bay News-Chronicle: FCC: No WPNE on satellite (10/10)
Winnipeg Sun: Media mogul mourned (10/8)
Green Bay News-Chronicle: WDUZ back on FM band - with sports (10/6)
Wisconsin State Journal: A changing role for McKinney at WMTV (Ch.15) (10/7)
Omaha World-Herald: KETV goes with Hawkeyes, not KSU-Texas (10/4)
AP: KFAI-FM radio personality Joel Johnson dies (10/3)
Aberdeen American News: WB has two new affiliates in state (10/2)
Sioux Falls Argus Leader: KSFY-TV sale talks under way (10/2)
Des Moines Register: Station's sudden change surprises listeners (10/2)
Grand Forks Herald: Talker walks the walk (10/2)
Wisconsin State Journal: Legislators to consider Capitol cable coverage (10/1)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Jason Lewis understood radio shtick (9/26)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Most local stations go into overdrive on shooting (9/25)
Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier: Local stations change formats (9/25)
AP: Last live DJ leaves Albert Lea radio station (9/24)
Star Tribune: Minnesota Public Radio drops national music program (9/24)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Jason Lewis is leaving town (9/23)
Star Tribune: KSTP Radio's Jason Lewis to decamp for North Carolina (9/23)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Station for, about city being proposed (9/23)
New York Times: Marshall Jamison, former NETV producer, dies (9/23)
Grand Forks Herald: Obituary: Crookston loses legendary voice (9/23)
Star Tribune: Hubbard hires Kruskopf Olson to bolster KSTP-TV brand (9/20)
Green Bay News-Chronicle: Spirit of the radio (9/18)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: No surprise Kiernan leaving Channel 4 (9/18)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Milwaukeean gets top 'CCO news job (9/16)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Channel 4 newsroom boss to leave (9/16)
Omaha World Herald: Former radio, TV journalist Crounse dies at age 71 (9/15)
AP: KARE-11 TV reporter recovering from West Nile (9/13)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Return of 'Martha Stewart' doubtful (9/12)
Chicago Sun-Times: DJ's four-day spin aims for record book (9/12)
Chicago Sun-Times: Landecker loses morning job at WJMK (8/28)
Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal: Child-finder efforts expands (9/5)
Star Tribune: Goodbye WKRP; hello synergy (9/6)
Racine Journal-Times: WBJX is down, but not out (9/4)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Viewers flocked to Channel 6 for parade (9/4)
Star Tribune: Comcast will roll out HDTV in Twin Cities (9/4)
AP: It's official: Journal goes public (9/3)
Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal: Commentary: The bland state of local radio (9/3)
AP: Vote likely to make Journal Communications public (9/2)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Professor helped Snyder find radio voice (9/3)
Star Tribune: Commentary: New songs FM radio stations should be playing (8/31)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Dunkin' Don Shelby: a real good sport (8/31)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: WB promo absolutely correct, that day/WBJX Goes Silent (8/26)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Haas exits KARE; Shannon leaves KSTP (8/23)
Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier: Radio Postville as eclectic as the town (8/23)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Elias: Magers may be the last hope for KCBS (8/22)
Duluth News-Tribune: Storms knock out power lines, TV stations (8/21)
Star Tribune: Network lite -- The rise of Paul Magers (8/21)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Will KARE deviate from '50s formula? (8/20)
Star Tribune: KARE brand will likely survive Magers' departure (8/20)
Star Tribune: A Magers deal: He's headed for L.A. (8/19)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Bob and Brian branching out again (8/13)
Capital Times (Madison): Madison's cable hikes rank high (8/13)
Capital Times (Madison): Country station Q106 takes top ranking here (8/12)
Wausau Daily Herald: Weaver resigns after six years at WSAU (8/12)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Channel 4's news director departing (8/12)
Star Tribune: WCCO-TV's news director steps down (8/12)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Program 'tweaking' splits Stouts (8/12)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Fox affiliate crowing over ratings gains (8/10)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Last shift of Big Daddy on WRIT airs Friday (8/8)
La Crosse Tribune: You bet we miss the big concerts/Clear Channel (8/3)
Des Moines Register: Rowdy sports radio show vows to return (8/2)
The Capital Times (Madison): Gage, radio voice of Badger football, dies at 84 (8/5)
Sioux Falls Argus-Leader: Sioux Falls could get cable choice (8/5)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Channel 18 to debut 'News Central' (8/4)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: 'Relevant Radio' due to start this month (8/3)
Green Bay News-Chronicle: Catholic network calls Green Bay home (8/2)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: TV news plays down election issues, study finds (7/31)
Sioux Falls Argus Leader: Morning voice of Sioux Falls radio dies at 84 (7/30)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: WLZR-FM holds top spot in rock radio (7/29)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Wodele's 'respectful debate' didn't win radio audiences (7/27)
Wausau Daily Herald: Radio host faces OWI (7/29)
Wisconsin State Journal: Deal called off for sale of six radio stations (7/26)
Duluth News-Tribune: Latto's radio show moves up the dial (7/26)
Omaha World-Herald: Royce Wilson, 44, former TV newsman, dies (7/25)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Reporter conflict is in eye of beholder (7/25)
Wisconsin State Journal: Contract dispute leads to Ch. 27 anchor's departure (7/25)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Public TV launches first 24-hour high-definition channel (7/21)
Star Tribune: KFAN 'media bar' to debut in Roseville (7/24)
Wisconsin State Journal: Wisconsin radio network sold to Missouri business (7/22)
Omaha World-Herald: Qwest, EchoStar to offer satellite TV (7/22)
Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier: Ratings pit KWWL and KCRG against each other for top honors (7/19)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: To mend reputation, 'CCO might follow these steps (7/18)
Sioux Falls Argus Leader: 'Glitch' in rules could reshape TV landscape (7/17)
St. Cloud Visitor: Diocese's Sunday TV Mass will be videotaped in St. Cloud (7/17)
Bemidji Pioneer: City cable access options explored (7/16)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Rumors fly after KSTP-TV's general manager jumps ship (7/16)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Radio station gets OK to stop broadcasting for now (7/11)
Wisconsin State Journal: TV theme songs won't last (7/15)
AP: WCCO-TV hires general manager away from KSTP-TV (7/14)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Hubbard lets 'LOL idea fall flat (7/12)
Star Tribune: St. Cloud officer awarded $110,000 in defamation lawsuit (7/12)
Wisconsin State Journal: Opinion: Let's cut the static over WisconsinEye (7/11)
Omaha World-Herald: WOWT tower's fate still undetermined (7/12)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: 'The Patriot' station ends shock jock's suspension (7/11)
Star Tribune: As Twins slump, television ratings decline (7/11)
Grand Forks Herald: GF broadcast personality dies (7/10)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Channel 12 to expand weekend newscasts (7/10)
Capital Times (Madison): 'State C-Span' cable TV plan hits legal snag (7/9)
Wisconsin State Journal: Officials oppose exclusive Capitol TV plan (7/9)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: KLBB boldly backs away from canned shtick (7/8)
Omaha World-Herald: KETV awaits answers in collapse (7/8)
Omaha World-Herald: KETV officials not sure why tower collapsed (7/6)
Des Moines Register: New day for media: What do rules mean for Iowa? (7/6)
Wisconsin State Journal: Madison to get new radio station (7/2)
Alexandria Echo-Press: Selective TV plans annual meeting (6/27)
Wisconsin State Journal: Madison's first TV station -- WKOW -- went live in 1953 (6/29)
Wisconsin State Journal: 'Ham' radio lovers have a field day in Verona (6/29)
Des Moines Register: School's offer to buy KJJC-FM puts all-sports format in jeopardy (6/26)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Storm coverage over the top? Not really (6/26)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Robb Edwards going back on the air (6/24)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Listen up for big changes at 'CCO (6/21)
Star Tribune: Pat Miles to join WCCO Radio's Midday lineup (6/21)
Vernon County Broadcaster: Citizens seek own radio station (6/18)
Star Tribune: Twins stick with 'CCO (6/20)
Green Bay Press-Gazette: Incorporation gives public TV a lift (6/19)
Stevens Point Journal: Bank files foreclosure against Muzzy (6/16)
Omaha World-Herald: Clear Channel names new Omaha chief (6/18)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: WTMJ-TV steals from River City to get an anchor by the lake (6/18)
Star Tribune: WLOL-FM changes to smooth jazz in a rocky business climate (6/18)
Omaha World-Herald: Worker falls from 1,200-foot TV tower (6/17)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: 'CCO, KFAN still jockeying for Twins radio deal (6/15)
Eau Claire Leader-Telegram: Four DJs among seven station layoffs (6/14)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Clear Channel lays off 15 at local stations (6/13)
Wausau Daily Herald: Local broadcasters to join digital world (6/13)
Wisconsin State Journal: Tune in to WPR for talk changes (6/11)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Local news nears at Channel 18 (6/11)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: 'Jeopardy,' 'Wheel' heading to Channel 58 (6/9)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: 'Salacious' story leaves WCCO swinging solo (6/8)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: KSTP anchor lands spot at MSNBC (6/7)
Duluth News-Tribune: Satellite TV companies to add local stations, for a fee (6/6)
Green Bay News-Chronicle: The FCC has spoken - what is local outlook? (6/5)
Omaha World-Herald: Clear Channel buys Omaha's KEFM (6/4)
Duluth News-Tribune: FCC's fine-tuning of rules draws static from some critics (6/3)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Racine station airs liberal talk show (6/3)
Grand Forks Herald: Media Ownership: Local experts don't expect merger madness (6/3)
Eau Claire Leader-Telegram: Media changes worry experts (6/3)
Sioux Falls Argust-Leader: Midcontinent adds HDTV (6/3)
Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal: MAX Extends Reach (5/31)
Star Tribune: KFAN, WMNN, WCCO compete for Twins (5/30)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: 'Oldies' tag goes the way of polyester (5/29)
Ironwood Daily Globe: WJMS/WIMI Broadcast to be interrupted (5/28)
Kearney Hub: Callaway residents planning own radio station (5/24)
The Capital Times (Madison): Feingold, Baldwin seek input on move to change media rules (5/28)
Wisconsin State Journal: Small stations oppose FCC rule changes (5/28)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: KARE-11 slips past 'CCO in 6 p.m. news slot (5/27)
Omaha World-Herald: Callaway man gears up for 'micro radio' station (5/27)
Omaha World-Herald: Former Lincoln TV anchor Mel Mains dies (5/27)
Wausau Daily Herald: City hires public access TV guru (5/22)
Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal: Information station hits the airwaves (5/21)
Washington Post: Sounds Familiar For a Reason (5/18)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Channel 4's Miller says he was blindsided (5/18)
Wisconsin State Journal: Z104's on top, but country's catching up (5/16)
Star Tribune: Ed Karow, longtime KSTP-TV sportscaster, dies t 65 (5/15)
Green Bay News-Chronicle: 'Titletown' likely not on Fox schedule (5/14)
Pioneer Press: New KSTP anchor excited about job (5/13)
Green Bay Press-Gazette: Digital public TV channel hits airwaves (5/13)
Star Tribune: KSTP decides not to bid for Twins' rights (5/9)
Star Tribune: KSTP-TV finds its top anchor, ending a yearlong search (5/8)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Rick Kahn speaks, and KARE-11 has it (5/8)
St. Cloud Times: Sports radio war looms in St. Cloud (5/7)
Green Bay Press-Gazette: War hurt ad sales, WBAY parent says (5/7)
Wausau Daily Herald: 'Hmong News' scores with advertisers (5/6)
Wisconsin State Journal: Young listeners seek hip-hop radio (5/4)
AP: MPR host Katherine Lanpher charged with DWI (4/30)
St. Cloud Times: KXSS radio plans move to sports, talk format (4/30)
Green Bay News-Chronicle: 'Radio roadblock' targets baby shaking (4/29)
Capital Times (Madison): Latino cable surcharge on hold (4/25)
Wisconsin State Journal: WPR's Tom Clark signs off (4/29)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: News of war helped WTMJ-AM add listeners (4/28)
AP: Iowa Public TV won't meet digital deadline (4/28)
Fargo Forum: KVLY, KXJB reach deal (4/25)
Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier: Commercial-free station celebrates 50 years on the air (4/25)
AP: NETV has to look at priorities (4/24)
Star Tribune: WCCO sticks with Twins despite Wild success (4/25)
Brainerd Daily Dispatch: Last laugh: WJJY's Hugh Phillips makes jolly departure (4/24)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: 'This American Life' tells tales of high, low-brow (4/24)
Star Tribune: Radio talk show host Katherine Lanpher faces DWI charge (4/24)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: KSTP on top with its big, bad weather radar (4/24)
Stevens Point Journal: WSPT changes format (4/22)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Station set to launch Catholic format (4/23)
Star Tribune: Ventura's MSNBC show likely will be produced in St. Paul (4/22)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Bits of ethnic radio are still available (4/21)
Star Tribune: Obituary: Grayce Bradt Murabito, 94, radio actress (4/19)
Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier: Broadcast legend talks at Wartburg (4/18)
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Ethnic radio fades but isn't forgotten (4/18)
Star Tribune: Local radio 'hams' provide link to service members (4/17)
The Capital Times (Madison): Latino cable changes draw fire (4/16)
Bismarck Tribune: Radio trends sending mixed signals (4/13)
Green Bay Press-Gazette: Wisconsin Public Television ready for datacasting (4/15)
Wausau Daily Herald: Trivia webcast might return in '04 (4/13)
Sioux Falls Argus Leader: Dish subscribers now can receive hometown stations (4/13)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: More cutbacks at WCCO erode neighborliness (4/12)
Omaha World-Herald: TV station is building new tower (4/12)
Portage Daily Register: Kramer to sell WPDR, WDDC (4/10)
Wausau Daily Herald: TV news show designed for Hmong (4/11)
Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier: Senate shelves cable bill (4/10)
Capital Times (Madison): WTDY's Krok openly race-baits (4/7)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Caught in the Geraldo sideshow (4/8)
Capital Times (Madison): New bill targets municipal cable TV (4/3)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Twin Cities television stations may use pools to cover grieving families (4/3)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Joyner's radio show returning to Milwaukee (4/2)
Star Tribune: WCCO-TV and KARE-TV big winners of AP broadcast awards (4/1)
New York Times: On Minot, N.D., Radio, a Single Corporate Voice (3/31)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Cuzner cherished freedom of 'Dark Side' (3/31)
Omaha World-Herald: Weather radios can tell of more than just storms (3/30)
Wisconsin State Journal: Fox's 9 p.m. news, 'Joe Millionaire' cash in on ratings (3/28)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Patriotic country tunes win airplay (3/28)
Green Bay News-Chronicle: WGBA wins national, regional awards (3/28)
Des Moines Register: Krause studies purchase of KJJC-FM (3/27)
Omaha World-Herald: DirecTV to carry Omaha stations (3/27)
Grand Forks Herald: Local radio host starts fund-raiser for troops (3/27)
Omaha World-Herald: Firm faces $7,000 fine in TV tower collapse (3/26)
Eau Claire Leader-Telegram: Mixed signals Cable TV or satellite? (3/23)
Star Tribune: 93XFest set for May 23-24 (3/23)
Grand Forks Herald: Radio stations lay off six (3/22)
Star Tribune: Pay for public radio or get something for nothing? (3/22)
Star Tribune: 'Slow' start to war had local TV stations scrambling (3/21)
Star Tribune: War coverage forces Fox VP into tough choices (3/21)
AP: 'Ugly Del Roberts' of KDWB, WWTC dies at 58 (3/20)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Remark prompts stations to ban Chicks (3/19)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Local radio stations consider ditching Dixie Chicks (3/18)
La Crosse Tribune: Radio veteran to open school in La Crosse (3/18)
Green Bay Press-Gazette: WBAY-TV will unveil new look for 50th anniversary (3/15)
Star Tribune: Christian radio station's reach spans metro, nation and world (3/16)
Star Tribune: Thunder reaches broadcast agreement (3/14)
Des Moines Register: Black radio station in Waterloo broadcasts Spanish program (3/14)
Star Tribune: FSN, Time Warner struggled to agreement (3/14)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Fox Sports Net is back in west metro (3/14)
La Crosse Tribune: 6 Magnum Radio Stations Will Be Sold (3/8)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: FCC approves sale of WGLB-FM (3/13)
Star Tribune: KTIS, fundraising prowess rivals its climb in the ratings (3/13)
Green Bay News-Chronicle: TV-2 is 50 (3/13)
Grand Forks Herald: UND welcomes back public radio signals (3/13)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: 'Bob and Tom' show gets slot at WLUM (3/11)
Wausau Daily Herald: Tower to expand WSAU's broadcast area (3/9)
Yankton Press & Dakotan: Radio Rosary Cut From Programming (3/8)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Bob and Brian get the boot in Appleton (3/10)
Green Bay Press-Gazette: Moms with on-air TV jobs balance responsibilities (3/9)
AP: Some see radio as key to freeing North Koreans from information blackout (3/8)
Eau Claire Leader-Telegram: Family man Barton more than radio voice Rex Lane (3/7)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Station is looking for a Superstar Mystery Anchor (3/7)
AP: Dems ask radio talk show host to run for governor (3/7)
Star Tribune: New Mexican named news director at ch. 5 (3/6)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: KSTP-TV names Berg news director (3/6)
Omaha World-Herald: KMTV dropping 6 p.m. newscast for 'Entertainment Tonight' (3/5)
Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier: Heather King quits job at KWWL-TV (3/5)
Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier: New radio station asks for local input (3/4)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: KSTP team is 'embedded' with U.S. battalion (3/4)
Duluth News-Tribune: KZIO ready to rock (3/3)
Grand Forks Herald: PUBLIC RADIO: A new and old KFJM (3/3)
Wisconsin State Journal: Opinion: Don't cut rural areas out of TV audience (3/3)
Omaha World-Herald: Former KFAB host Doris Kavanagh dies (3/3)
Winnipeg Sun: Jazzing it Up (new radio stations) (3/1)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: WKTI's Reitman and Mueller win AIR award (2/28)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: KSTP-TV to replace Randy Meier (2/28)
Star Tribune: C.J.: Randy Meier gets the boot at KSTP-TV (2/28)
Duluth News-Tribune: Radio giant obtains local stations (2/28)
Wausau Daily Herald: Where's Bucky? Not on local TV, Affiliates spurn UW for networks (2/28)
Grand Forks Herald: Public Radio: Northern Lights to be reincarnated (2/27)
Duluth News-Tribune: Radio race tightens with new players (2/27)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Longtime reporter Leer leaving KSTP (2/26)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: 'Bob and Tom' show mentioned for WLUM (2/24)
Omaha World-Herald: Smaller towns welcome new cable TV option (2/24)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Hubbard selling studio to al-Jazeera (2/22)
Star Tribune: News Council faults WCCO-TV report on chickens (2/21)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Gov. Tim Pawlenty will start at 9 a.m. today a weekly radio show on WCCO-AM (2/21)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Radio gripers appear to be minority (2/20)
Star Tribune: Pawlenty will have radio show on WCCO (2/20)
Duluth News-Tribune: TV Report on air base security was inaccurate (2/20)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: 4 reasons why liberal talk radio will fizzle (2/19)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: FSN-Time Warner dispute nears key Twins deadline (2/18)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: 'People meters' could deliver accurate ratings (2/17)
La Crosse Tribune: Report: Quality Falls at Big TV Stations (2/17)
Omaha World-Herald: Warnings about cable preceded tower death (2/15)
La Crosse Tribune: Voice of the Loggers will get a workout (2/13)
Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier: Youths use public radio to address teen-age issues (2/13)
Sioux Falls Argus Leader: Results Radio consolidates offices (2/13)
AP: 'Newsperson's newsperson,' WMT radio's Wilson, dies (2/13)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Arbitron rating system unreliable (2/12)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: KARE, Wisconsin cable outlets at loggerheads (2/11)
Green Bay News-Chronicle: 'Wisconsin Eye' closer to opening (2/10)
St. Cloud Times: Mime Radio Conspiracy wins Trivia (2/10)
St. Cloud Times: KVSC trivia phone workers face own 50-hour challenge (2/9)
Omaha World-Herald: Texas man working on TV tower injured (2/8)
Star Tribune: Twins begin exploring radio-partner options (2/7)
Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier: Mediacom: Get utilities out of cable (2/6)
Steven's Point Journal: WSPT-FM gets iced off the air (2/5)
Des Moines Register: Man with tattooed radio logo attacked (2/6)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: KSTP news director leaving for U post (2/6)
Star Tribune: Ventura says his MSNBC program is all set (2/6)
Star Tribune: KSTP-TV news director resigns to take 'U' fellowship (2/6)
Star Tribune: KDWB's Angi Taylor taking off for Philly (2/5)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Another city fights to block station sale (2/5)
Green Bay News-Chronicle: WNCY, WIXX continue ratings lead (2/4)
Star Tribune: Victory Sports remains work in progress (1/31)
Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier: Bilingual radio show reaches out to Waterloo's Latino population (2/1)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Burger leaving WCCO for radio gig (1/31)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Comcast deal brings job cuts (1/31)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Limbaugh fans, mark Belling's words (1/31)
St. Cloud Times: Your Turn: Station change leaves void in area (1/31)
Eau Claire Leader-Telegram: City, Charter squabble over office (1/29)
St. Paul Pioneer-Press: Sweeps offer challenges to local news outlets (1/29)
Eau Claire Leader-Telegram: Cable/Equipment in home causing cable interference (1/25)
Wausau Daily Herald: Radio Formats (1/25)
Star Tribune: KFAI still fresh after 25 years (1/25)
AP: Radio offers diverse programming in Iowa town (1/23)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: WTMJ-AM loses some key listeners in 2002 (1/23)
SDSU Collegian: New staff bring change to KSDJ (1/22)
Brainerd Daily Dispatch: FCC rules against WZFJ (1/21)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: More News on 12 (scroll down) (1/21)
Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier: New TV station on the air (1/20)
AP: Company prepares to replace TV tower (1/20)
St. Paul Pioneer-Press: KYCR format change (bottom of page) (1/18)
Sioux Falls Argus-Leader: Airwaves missing longtime KWAT voice (1/18)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Radio set to honor master broadcaster (1/17)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Public TV's ads show an ability to compete (1/16)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Ventura's mouthpiece gets talk show (1/15)
Star Tribune: Ventura's spokesman gets show on KSTP Radio (1/15)
La Crosse Tribune: Charter raising basic cable rates by $1 (1/15)
Eau Claire Leader-Telegram: Radio personality sets golden record (1/11)
Eau Claire Leader-Telegram: Basic cable TV bills to dip; expanded rate to increase (1/11)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Few cable customers can pick and chose (1/11)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Shelby to lead WCCO-TV's investigations (1/10)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Fox 9 tries out all-news morning show (1/9)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Cable standoff pulls plug on home teams (1/9)
Green Bay Press-Gazette: Feingold sets sights on radio industry (1/8)
Eau Claire Leader-Telegram: Low power, high hopes (12/14)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Hubbard cancels Channel 45 newscast at 9 (1/7)
Star Tribune: Hubbard ends Channel 45 9 p.m. news (1/7)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: 'New' format on 96.9 is a simulcast (1/6)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: 'Demo' ratings numbers kind to KARE (1/6)
Rapid City Journal: KDUH to replace fallen TV tower by September (1/6)
Rapid City Journal: HDTV makes debut in city (1/6)
Blair Enterprise: Off the air in Blair: Plug pulled on local radio broadcasts (1/1)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: WCCO farewell ends with hard feelings (1/3)
Star Tribune: Time Warner Cable, FSN remain at impasse (1/3)
Grand Forks Herald: KNOX, KCNN change news focus (1/3)
Green Bay News-Chronicle: WPT employees lose another round (1/3)

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