2002 Articles

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Green Bay Press-Gazette: Packers + Lambeau + playoffs = prime-time TV (12/31)
Eau Claire Leader-Telegram: Soft rock music hits city airways/'Murphy in the Morning' (12/28)
Sioux Falls Argus-Leader: Aberdeen pair seek to write music for radio commercials (12/30)
Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier: KWWL, KCRG battle for TV market bragging rights (12/29)
Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier: New KWWL anchor/reporter will begin her duties Monday (12/29)
Green Bay Press-Gazette: News anchor Ramsay signs off (12/28)
Duluth News-Tribune: KRII signal blocks WIRT (12/27)
Star Tribune: Like Vikings, KFAN broadcast is improving (12/27)
AP: Ex-broadcaster Dale Holt dies (12/27)
Eau Claire Leader-Telegram: Hot Date (WDRK calendars) (12/26)
Wausau Daily-Herald: Merrill Channel 3 seeks sponsors (12/26)
Grand Forks Herald: City to start cable franchise negotiation (12/25)
Eau Claire Leader-Telegram: New owner: Radio stations 'fabulous' (12/24)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Recall, departed pet and top dogs (12/21)
Pioneer Press: Vikings radio team has winning season (12/21)
Star-Tribune: KARE announcers walked fine line at fundraiser (12/20)
Daily Citizen: Fall River to be home of new Christian Radio Station (12/18)
Eau Claire Leader-Telegram: Memo: Firm to buy stations (12/18)
Pioneer Press: MPR to rethink classical program (12/18)
Star Tribune: Local arts groups win NEA grants; MPR gets $500,000 (12/18)
AP: Students, university TV clash over broadcast (12/18)
Star Tribune: FSN warns Time Warner subscribers of possible blackout (12/16)
Omaha World-Herald: Bids to be taken on NU radio contract (12/15)
Green Bay Press-Gazette: Public television officials testify on age bias lawsuit (12/14)
Omaha World-Herald: Five regents back vote delay on broadcast rights (12/14)
Sioux City Journal: KWIT airs holiday music (12/14)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Channel 12 replaces anchor Davis (12/13)
Star Tribune: Changes on the way for KMOJ Radio (12/12)
Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal: Why it's important to keep TVOntario (opinion) (12/11)
SDSU Collegian: Radio station awarded $10,000 (12/10)
Eau Claire Leader-Telegram: L-T, WEAU to cross-promote (12/9)
Duluth News-Tribune: Obituary: Dottie Becker (12/8)
Eau Claire Leader-Telegram: Overhaul of cable TV lineup starts Monday (12/8)
AP: Sioux Falls Television stations on way to digital (12/8)
Star Tribune: Albert Tedesco, down-home radio executive, dies at 77 (12/7)
Omaha World-Herald: Husker radio proposal criticized (12/7)
Thunder Bay News-Chronicle: Stations battle for listeners and power (12/6)
Omaha World-Herald: KPTM closer to keeping two towers (12/5)
Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal: TVO the happiest workplace I've ever seen (opinion) (12/4)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Radio entertainment integrated advertising into programming (12/4)
St. Paul Pioneeer Press: KARE inches away from WCCO in 10 p.m. ratings (12/3)
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Holiday music got early start this year (11/29)
Wausau Daily Herald: Hmong radio show spreads word for teens (11/28)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Channel 6 doesn't miss morning weather pooch (11/28)
Omaha World-Herald: National network to give TVs to school (11/28)
Star Tribune: KARE 11's Kerri Miller mixes murder, politics in fiction book (11/27)
Appleton Post-Crescent: Forecaster predicts a special Thanksgiving (11/27)
Star Tribune: Former ch. 4 medical reporter fired in Chicago (11/26)
Star Tribune: Lost in space with 'MST3K' (11/26)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: TV Weather weapons getting larger (11/26)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Talk radio's No. 2 finds new home at WISN (11/26)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Radio station's sale held up (11/23)
Star Tribune: Vikings always winners in television ratings (11/22)
Gannett WI: Cable viewers can pick premium channel without purchasing package (11/21)
AP: Daschle blames radio for threats (11/21)
AP: Iowa radio newsman Falk dies (11/21)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Were obesity stories just a coincidence? (11/20)
Waterloo-Cedar Falls Herald: Ham radio operators find thrill in life's predicaments (11/20)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Two more TV news operations in works (11/19)
Des Moines Register: Local TV soon to be on Dish Network (11/19)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Don't plan on changing the morning radio dial (11/18)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: On TPT show, Franklin isn't just a face on a bill (11/17)
Eau Claire Leader-Telegram: Basic cable rates to fall (11/15)
Eau Claire Leader-Telegram: Feingold protests sale of radio station (11/14)
Sioux Falls Argus-Leader: PAX makes first coverage major production (11/15)
Green Bay News-Chronicle: WPT employees win first step to compensation (11/15)
Green Bay Press-Gazette: Layoffs at WPT lead to age discrimination appeals (11/15)
La Crosse Tribune: TV, radio will air AMBER bulletins (11/15)
Green Bay Press-Gazette: Political TV ads racked up $2.8M bill locally (11/13)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Manella abruptly leaves radio group (11/13)
Star Tribune: Gophers, KARE-11 TV to co-sponsor telethon (11/13)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Teen sex report could have been both better, worse (11/13)
Duluth News-Tribune: Start of TV station delayed (11/13)
Hibbing Daily Tribune: Hibbingite comes home for TV project (11/12)
Star Tribune: Amelia Santaniello re-ups with WCCO, despite demotion (11/12)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Channel 58 tries to wake up audience (11/11)
Wausau Daily Herald: 'Whad'Ya Know?' plays to packed crowd at Grand Theater (11/10)
Appleton Post-Crescent: Town in market for new cable TV (11/9)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Ojibwe life, history is illuminated on public TV (11/9)
AP: Radio ads address sow-corn problem (11/9)
Sioux Falls Argus-Leader: Will automation kill the radio stars? (11/8)
Star Tribune: Radio host brings young musicians to national audience (11/8)
Des Moines Register: Central Iowa TV political ad total neared 20,000 this year, group says (11/7)
Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal: Dial up LU Radio for music, ideas (11/5)
Hibbing Daily Tribune: Hibbing native takes gift of gab to Twin Cities airwaves (11/5)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: WHBL, WLIP, WGLB, WXSS updates (scroll down) (11/4)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Lack of real theme has this reporter seeing red (11/6)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Behind-scenes intrigue preceded the big debate (11/5)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Doyle in talk show hosts' sights/WHA-TV Returns (11/4)
Star Tribune: Personal experience is bedrock of religious radio show (11/2)
Eau Claire Leader-Telegram: WISM goes off air as sale completed (11/2)
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Radio hosts may make a difference in close races (11/1)
Rapid City Journal: KOTA anchor Duhamel OK after fainting spell (10/31)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Service's changing tone left TV stations 'hoodwinked' (10/31)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Faulkner to assume anchor chair at KSTP (10/30)
Star Tribune: KSTP names Harris Faulkner co-anchor of main newscasts (10/30)
SDSU Collegian: KSDJ receives $10,000 from SA for facility improvement (10/29)
AP: Radio broadcaster Gene Claussen dies (10/29)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Smarts, luck and a jet put KSTP first (10/28)
St. Cloud Times: St. Cloud Diocese launches drive to save TV Mass (10/27)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Far removed from tragedy, national news did best (10/26)
Star Tribune: Fox's baseball ratings high in local market (10/25)
Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier: 'The Last Spoken Word' (KBBG show) (10/25)
SDSU Collegian: KSDJ pleads to SA (10/23)
Alexandria Echo Press: The end of a TV era (10/25)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: WCCO cuts back, calls it expansion (10/24)
Star Tribune: MPR's 'Speaking of Faith' going from monthly to weekly (10/24)
Des Moines Register: Candidates pour bulk of cash into TV ads (10/24)
Omaha World-Herald: Texas firm to fight fine in TV tower fatality (10/23)
Superior Daily Telegram: 'Radio Superior' begins new season on Friday (10/23)
Scottsbluff Star-Herald: TV station awaits tower construction (10/19)
La Crosse Tribune: Charter to expand Broadcast Basic lineup (10/19)
The Capital Times: TV station chiefs: Profit motive beats civics every time (10/17)
Omaha World-Herald: Shortcuts on safety blamed in fatal TV tower accident (10/18)
Des Moines Register: Radio station contest rattles some in Villisca (10/18)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: WCCO shakes up 'Hometown Team' (10/17)
Star Tribune: C.J.: WCCO shakeup means Santaniello no longer lead female anchor (10/17)
Grand Forks Herald: UND sports gets own TV network (10/16)
Des Moines Register: As Meredith expands, so does its headquarters (10/16)
Grand Forks Herald: (Cable) TV lineup changes today (10/15)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: KSTP-TV's regional Emmy sweep runs counter to ratings (10/15)
Des Moines Register: Radio station in Perry to remove press box ad (10/15)
Dubuque Telegraph-Herald: Fox 40 to close Dubuque news department (10/13)
Wausau Daily Herald: 'Bob and Tom' might return (10/14)
Wisconsin State Journal: Latino radio station will debut Monday (10/11)
Grand Forks Herald: Television Advertising Spending (political) (10/13)
Waterloo-CF Courier: Improvements to tower interrupt KCRG reception (10/11)
Star-Tribune: Twins hit a ratings grand slam in Minneapolis-St. Paul (10/10)
Omaha World-Herald: Newsman Steve Murphy dies (10/10)
Omaha World-Herald: NETV producer Hull to be honored (10/10)
Duluth News-Tribune: TV stations win regional Emmy Awards (10/10)
AP: FCC approves plan for digital radio (10/9)
Star Tribune: Format switch (WDGY/WMIN, scroll down) (10/2)
Star Tribune: KSTP-TV big winner at regional Emmys (10/8)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Knight in the Morning (scroll down) (10/8)
The Capital Times: WORT radio celebrates 20 years on Bedford Street (10/7)
Omaha World-Herald: Public TV tops list of grant winners (10/7)
The Onion: RIAA Sues Radio Stations For Giving Away Free Music (10/2)
Marshfield News-Herald: Radio stations have new owners (10/5)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Former WCCO news chief joins Fox combo (10/4)
Wausau Daily Herald: TV weathers criticism of storm coverage (10/2)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: No Bob, No Brian (WMZK) (10/2)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Catholic radio to replace '70s station (10/1)
AP: Scottsbluff television pioneer McCraken dies (9/29)
Grand Forks Herald: Former radio rivals cozy under one roof (9/27)
Ames Tribune: WOI's Cooper: The most trusted name in market news (9/26)
Omaha World Herald: Tower accidents are on a deadly climb (9/26)
AP: Investigation Continues Into Deadly Collapse (9/26)
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Demise of Hubbard's CONUS wasn't a surprise (9/26)
Star Tribune: Telescope opponents take U protest to KSTP-TV (9/26)
Grand Forks Herald: Northern Lights Public Radio: UND, ND Public Radio near a deal (9/25)
Omaha World Herald: Cause sought in collapse of tallest tower in state (9/25)
Omaha World Herald: Two die in collapse of 1,964-foot TV tower (9/24 web only)
Omaha World Herald: Radio-show host 'a big deal' in Latino community (9/23)
Star Tribune: Kim Ode: MOMbo is going, but won't let us feel forgotten (9/22)
AP: CONUS news service to stop most operations (9/20)
Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal: Noon news comes, weekend news gone (9/19)
AP: Study says WI TV stations make millions off political ads (9/17)
Omaha World-Herald: Radio station engineer Albert Bates, 93, dies (9/16)
Marquette Mining Journal: Radio ads aim message at young Catholics (9/15)
Omaha World-Herald: Governor debate: Who'll see it? (9/14)
Star Tribune: Judd Zulgad: WCCO expands Gladden's role for playoffs (9/13)
Ames Tribune: BBC carries voices from Ames to the world (9/12)
Star Tribune: Timberwolves: Fox Sports, Ch. 29 to split games on TV (9/11)
Brainerd Daily Dispatch: Koep radio show suspended (9/11)
Wausau Daily Herald: Campus station pulls plug on webcast (9/10)
Ames Tribune: BBC prepares for Sept. 11 broadcast from Ames (9/10)
T. Bay Chronicle-Journal: After 20-plus years, Bells bow out at CFNO (9/8)

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