2010 All-Christmas Stations

Though not listed here, Classical Minnesota Public Radio is devoting a large part of its schedule to Christmas music from Nov. 29 to Dec. 26. Click here for a list of Classical MPR stations.

IowaAmesLife 96.111/26non-comm Christian
Cedar Rapids104.5 KDAT11/20except John Tesh show at first
Cresco102.3 KCZQ11/26
DavenportMix 9611/20Also 11/6-11/7 & 11/13-11/14
Des MoinesLite 104.111/19Also 11/13-11/14
Life 107.111/26non-comm Christian
DubuqueSuper Hits 10611/25
Sioux CityKG9511/26
Spirit Lake103.9 KUOO11/26
Waterloo93.5 The Mix11/26
ManitobaWinnipegCurve 94.311/24
102.3 Clear FM11/24
MichiganSault Ste. MarieOldies 9311/23or earlier
MinnesotaAitkin930 KKIN12/13Dial Global network
Benson1290 KBMO12/13Dial Global network
BemidjiKZY-FM 95-511/26
BrainerdCool 103.511/26
Cloquet1230 WKLK12/13Dial Global network
Detroit Lakes104.1 The Wave11/26
DuluthLife 97.311/25non-comm Christian
Kool 101.711/17
Grand Rapids96.9 KMFY11/26
Hibbing1240 WMFG12/13Dial Global network
Minneapolis102.9 Lite FM11/11
Kool 10811/26
Pine City1350 WCMP12/13Dial Global network
St. Cloud540 WXYG10/27or earlier
Spirit 92.911/26
Lite 99.911/26
Walker101.9 KQKK???
NebraskaLincoln1240 KFOR11/22information-intensive format
B107.311/26or earlier
Omaha100.7 KGBI12/18
Star 104.511/22
North DakotaBismarck92.9 Y9311/11
107.5 The River11/25
FargoLegacy 92.711/26
Life 97.912/11Also 11/26
Grand ForksLite Rock 104.3 11/15
MinotMix 99.9 11/26
Algoma96.7 WBDK12/13Dial Global network
Amery1260 WXCE12/13Dial Global network
Appleton1280 WNAM12/13Dial Global network
91.9 WEMI11/26non-comm Christian
Berlin1100 WISS11/25
Eau ClaireI9411/20
Mix 98.111/12
Fond du LacSunny 97.711/25
Green Bay91.5 WEMY11/26non-comm Christian
Hayward910 WHSM12/13Dial Global network
JanesvilleLite 107.311/25
La Crosse1490 WLFN???
Classic Hits 94.711/19
Madison94.9 WOLX11/16
MarinetteHits 96.311/26
Mauston1270/92.9 WRJC12/13Dial Global network
MilwaukeeOldies 95.711/18
99.1 WMYX11/22
Neillsville1370 WCCN12/13Dial Global network
Rice Lake94.7 The River???
Richland Center1450 WRCO12/13Dial Global network
SheboyganLake 98.111/24
Sister Bay105.1 WSBW12/13Dial Global network
WausauMix 96.711/13also 11/6-11/7

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